How to mix my flamenco guitar so it sounds like Jesse Cook's song Alone


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Hello Everyone,

I will be recording on my master bedroom with the following equipment:

PreSonus Studio 24c Usb-c Audio Interface.
AKG C214 microphone / Cascade Vin Jet microphone
Carmen Loriente Negra Flamenco Guitar

I'm planning to place the microphone like 1 foot apart from the 12th fret of the guitar. I will also test by placing microphone pointing to the sound hole. Currently my flamenco guitar doesn't sound good using the AKG C214. I will be getting a new ribbon mic to do the recording. Most likely the Cascade Vin Jet. I'm looking for a warm tone.

I'm trying to make my guitar sound similar to Jesse Cook's guitar in the song named Alone ->

My question is if someone here on this forum can give me some settings I can use for making my guitar sound in the mix similar to Jesse Cook.

Settings like how much compression, reverb , delay, etc.


This is going to be impossible without the exact same guitar, knowledge of what plugins were used and their settings, and you two being different players, but I suppose you can get close. It does sound like there is some fast compression going on. And some reverb. Not hearing any delay.

I usually don’t try to EQ flamenco or classical guitar. I like it keep it as natural as possible.


You are recording in a bedroom - did he record in that bedroom? For nylon string sounds, you usually need to let the sound 'expand' and mic further out from the guitar than you would a steel string guitar - that means the mic is going to pick up some of the room sound, so if the room doesn't sound good ....

rob aylestone

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This is a bit odd - you want to buy a ribbon for a warm tone but you want to replicate the track you put up which is anything BUT warm. I'd call it hard and cutting.

I really advocate not buying another mic till you've spent some time experimenting (maybe you have?) What made me think was the way you say you are planning to put the mic 12" apart fro the 12th fret. Is that the most appropriate place. 12" away looking towards the body from the neck, or 12" away fro the 12th fret looking towards the neck? While I know the places I usually put mics, I never plan a position till I hear the guitar, in the room. Your guitar and room will be 90% of the sound -so with the usual bedroom stuff - duvets, hangers and clothes - experiment and spend time. Don;t forget if you buy a ribbon, fig-8 mics have an active rear so your room sound get recorded even more.

Reverb, processing and delays depend on what you have available and what you want, but I'd be avoiding anything but gentle compression - if any.