How Many Guitars do you own

How many guitars do you own

  • 0-1 Who would ever need more?

    Votes: 84 4.8%
  • 2-4 A person needs options!

    Votes: 707 40.2%
  • 5-8 Variety is the spice of life.

    Votes: 627 35.7%
  • 9-12 I'm a serious collector.

    Votes: 160 9.1%
  • Over 13 Maybe I should open a store.

    Votes: 180 10.2%

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I have already voted on this poll but my GAS (Gear acquisition syndrome) have made my first vote incorrect by now... (The right number of guitars anyone must have is found in the formula: n+1, where n is the number of guitars you have at the moment).

Collection so far:

Ibanez AW15-LG (NA)
1997 Epiphone casino (korea, sunburst)
1997 Epiphone Les Paul Florentine Elite (EB) (mk.I, Korea)
2002 Yamaha CPX-5 NA
2017 Yamaha CPX1000 NA
2008 Gibson ES-335 (EB)
2018 Gretsch G6118T-135
Cort GS-AXE-2 Bass
Cort GS Punisher 2 Bass
A "no brand" ukulele

...and counting....


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Finally stopped buying year before last when I hit um, 15 counting basses and mando. Still considering picking up a banjo(5 string) and I have a buddy who keeps threatening to sell his tobacco sunburst LP to me for a good price, and having both heard and played the guitar, I will definitely take it off of his hands if he ever gets serious about it. I have a early 80's '62 reissue SG that I bought new in around 1984, a couple of Yammies, a couple of Ibanez a couple fenders, a couple of LTD's , a Rogue 5 string bass that was so inexpensive that I didn't even care if it sounded like crap(I like using crappy stuff for color), a Taylor 410ce, a modded cherry sunburst LP standard. I may be forgetting some. They're hanging on walls and on stands all over the house. You can see some in studio pics thread. Oh, I have been wanting a nylon acoustic but the ones I like so far are all ultra pricey-for some reason the less expensive nylons just don't do anything for me. My dream acoustic is a Taylor 816 but I cant justify the cost. Which means my GAS hasn't made me get one YET.:guitar:

I thought i had stopped but January i broke down and bought two more: an MIM strat and a Danelectro semi hollow 12 string. I are addicted:cursing:


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My total atm is 3 acoustic, 5 electric, 2 electric bass, 1 acoustic bass, 1 double bass, 1 pedal steel guitar, 1 Weissenborn acoustic lap steel.

I tend to sell one before I buy another, just to keep things from getting out of hand. Probably like many on here I have regrets on parting with previous guitars. My main regrets are selling a 60's pre-cbs Telecaster in the early 70's, also a Futurama around the same period and later in life a Hagstrom Swede which I bought in the 70's. However the guitars I have now do everything I need so that's the main thing. Though a 12 string Mcguinn Rickenbacker would be nice :-)

Having played guitar most of my life, about 10 years ago I took up playing pedal steel guitar, now that is a different ball game cost wise. I'm on to my 3rd and last having invested in an MSA Legend 12 string Universal top of the range steel, the only way from this is down.


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7 including the 2 basses.
old Yamaha FG 75
Alvarez AG75WCE
Epi Dot
Schecter PT Fastback
old Washburn BT
Fender Jazz Bass
And an old Kay Mandolin
Oh no. It's only been less than 3 months and I already have 2 more guitars to add to my list. 10 Guitars and 7 Bass Guitars. Somebody stop me!


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Oh no. It's only been less than 3 months and I already have 2 more guitars to add to my list. 10 Guitars and 7 Bass Guitars. Somebody stop me!

cant help you , I am up to 6 acoustic, 12 electric and 3 bass. I think. I don't like counting them


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45 guitars & 11 amps. not all of the amps are in this short video as I just got 3 in the last couple of weeks
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WTH, that is obscene.

If there is a support group , you need to start attending meetings.

2 Stratocasters 1 USA / 1 Mexico
2 Jazz Bass 1 USA / 1 Mexico
An Ovation acoustic
Fantom X6 Keyboard.

ADA amplifiers, and Roland digital FX units. VG-99 V guitar, V bass, and V synth.

A handful of pedals. 4-5 tops.


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Rickenbacker 325
'76 Les Paul Custom Blonde
Mex Strat
Hofner Bass
Epiphone LP Studio LT
Martin Acoustic
Ovation Acoustic
Ibanex Electric


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Simon & Patrick 'Songsmith' Acoustic
Tanglewood Odyssey Semi Acoustic
Sunn Mustang Electric

Almost purchased a truly hideous brown coloured Danelectro electric a few days ago that's been hanging in my local pawn shop for the last 12 months but decided against it in the end.

It really was one ugly looking instrument.

But i also think theres a real distinct possibility I'll come to regret not actually buying it someday, hehe.


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45 guitars & 11 amps. not all of the amps are in this short video as I just got 3 in the last couple of weeks

I've never had more than a half dozen amps (or have I?), but at one time I had in the mid-50s if you included basses and the two upright basses.