How Many Guitars do you own

How many guitars do you own

  • 0-1 Who would ever need more?

    Votes: 84 4.8%
  • 2-4 A person needs options!

    Votes: 707 40.2%
  • 5-8 Variety is the spice of life.

    Votes: 628 35.7%
  • 9-12 I'm a serious collector.

    Votes: 160 9.1%
  • Over 13 Maybe I should open a store.

    Votes: 180 10.2%

  • Total voters


That's either a very big Tele or a very little guy. Mine looks like a friggin' banjo on me these days. :D

When I was a youngster I thought SGs must be big guitars because I'd only ever see Angus playing one. He makes them look huge. But they aren't, he's just a midget.


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Im still at about 3....sometimes 4. They constantly change though over the years. Buy, Sell , Trade, pay bills...the Squier Jazz Bass has lasted 20yrs now because its not worth much, plays great (compared to the US Precision frequently at the house) and its a better guitar than I am a bass player.

The acoustics seem to stick around about 5-10yrs....

the Electrics are always coming and going, except again for a Squier51 KidVybes reocmmended I still like it as my beater guitar, its also not worth hardly anything so no bills-due worth ....

the current "nice one" repalced a US strat, to a Roland Fender after trying the Line 6 Variax that came after trying a.....blahblahblah..
the Roland Strat got a new neck right away, Michigan Hard Rock Maple. The tones are fun and it does the regular stuff too. I think it was some deal for $450 usually $1000.

its wierd when I think of my favorite guitar sounds and look up the gear, its usually a SG.
Someday I'll buy one, but I dont care for holding them in the stores. Strat bodys are well done, SG are like a plank of plywood with great sound, but not much going on for beveled edges. Maybe if Id started earlier the Strat-Habit wouldnt have formed.

I could see trading off the Roalnd Strat no problem.... but its got so many tones, its like changing pickups without the hassle.


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Whenever I voted in this poll originally I probably had at least 5 or 6. Who knows. Now I have gotten down to 4 and will probably stay around that for a long while. I have two electrics that both get played and two acoustics of which I one gets played 90% of the time. The other is a beater that goes outside from time to time or floats around different rooms of the house.


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That's either a very big Tele or a very little guy. Mine looks like a friggin' banjo on me these days. :D
Yeah...I'm only 5"4:laughings:

What amp do you normally play though? Post up up some tones.
I don't use an amp- I have a Digitech effects processor- I run my Telecaster through that right into the four track. All the effect presets that I used I put together myself, effects and amp simulations. As for tones, if you take a look at my Soundcloud page, I lashed together some pretty cool sounds on my newest album, but my "favourite" guitar tones that I've ever used are probably on my song "C.I.A." Really low and growly...

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Alvarez Regent Ac 6
Alvarez Regent Ac 12
Washburn J9 Blue Sparkle/ Gold Hardware. "Big Blue"
Tokai Butterscotch Tele
Fender Flame Ash Top 24 Fret Strat, Korea
Ibanez RS335 Tele-ish style
Various junky nylon string and thrift shop campfire guitars

Ibanez RS924 Roaster Bass 1981
Ibanez RB850 1985 (my church bass)
Ibanez Blazer Sunburst P
Ibanez SR1200 - 1990's MIJ Through Neck - with Passive SR800 electronics

Juzek Ply

So, 6 six strings. 4 four strings, and a DB. :)


It's not being easy to sell used guitars lately. I had put a Xaviere Strat (from GuitarFetish) and a ES-175 clone for sale but seems that no one got interested on'em.

Here a picture of the ES-175


Anyway, I spent a half year trying to find a new home for these girls and since nothing happened I decided to keep them for a while... I am seriously thinking about to buy a good piezo bridge to install on the ES.


The strat is with a luthier friend of mine to replace the bridge pickup by a Lil'Killer and install a push-pull pot for taping. He just called me saying that she is done. Should go pick her next Thursday.


Beside these ones I have a gold top Les Paul that is my favorite. She's not a big brand guitar, just an excellent Chinese clone that I put some money in (replaced pickups, tuners and switch). I don't plan to get rid of this axe ever.

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I have 6, love them, and play all of them, they all have a purpose.

Fender strat tobacco burst maple neck
Epiphone LP Standard ebony
Dean Performer Acoustic
Kramer Striker 7 string FR SD
DeArmond Pilot 5 string bass

and my newest, an Epiphone Riviera Royal P93

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Got 6 spread through the house
The cheap Fender acoustic in the livingroom sees the most action - actually very nice sounding and fun to play.
I have a Chet Atkins nylon from a local luthier, a Washburn acoustic and my bass in the studio. But apart from the bass they don't see much use as I make mainly sample and synth based music.
Oldest boy has a cheap strat and an even cheaper classical in his room - when he practices more he can have better instruments.

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I'm a sick in the head/gasoholic PRS addict.

2012 PRS P22 Orange Tiger Rosewood neck
2001 PRS McCarty Violin Amber Sunburst Rosewood neck
2008 PRS Mira Vintage Orange
2009 PRS 305 TCS
2009 PRS SE ONE Korina (signed/autographed by Dweezil Zappa)
2000 Yamaha Pacifica 312II

Now I need an acoustic...:guitar:


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the cheap off the wall brand guitars will sell quick too....
If the price is right.
The strat clone will sell for 50 bucks.
Ditto on the 175 clone.
You just have to be careful not to pay too much for oddball brand guitars.
Most people do.

I bought a vantage les Paul clone for $200 with hard shell case. I could sell it tomorrow for $200. I put a set of $100 pickups in it and also some extreamly good pots. I also did a complete set up on it.
it's amazing now....
After the pick up upgrade, the pots upgrade, and the awsome set up I can now get....
$200 tomorrow.
That's the price point of a les Paul clone, even if it's an old Japanese made one with the good wood, good electronics, and great pickups.
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