Gretsch Guitars - Electromatic Jet Baritone


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I was online checking out the Gretsch Electromatic Jet 6-string guitars. I'm wondering how they sound and play - if there are any similarities to the Jet Bass models. As I was skimming through the models, I saw some Electromatic Jet Baritones with different tail pieces. The Baritone description intrigued me, so I read on.

Now, I never knew this kind of stuff existed so I dig deeper. It seems these are normal 6-string models which have a heavier set of strings which are tuned B to B. The string gauge listed is .014-.018-.024-.044-.056-.072 - now I'm fascinated.

I knew about Drop D tunings and stuff, but I was unaware of (non-special order) guitars coming from the factory with not only this tuning, but a specifically designed string set to boot.

Hmmm... go figure :eatpopcorn:

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