FEELER: BigUgly multi-pattern MXL2001 "RoyerModish" PCBs

Blue Jinn

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I have a thread somewhere around here about this microphone.

Seeing if there is any interest in another run of these. Boards fit in the MXL 2001 body (should also fit in Apex 430 and several others). I did use the board for a single sided capsule.

Here is the schematic:


Here is the board:


There is the older PSU:


and schematic located here: mic psu single.pdf

BigUgly designed an upgraded PSU with more filtering and a different pattern switching theme. Here is a drawing of the board and the schematic:



NOTE: I have no experience with the new PSU design.

The voltage into the PSU depends on what B+ to use, which also then determines what voltage divider resistors to use in the mic circuit. I went with a lower (70shVAC) in for ~100VDC B+ and adjusted.

Shipping is fixed US$5.00 for USA. For Canada/EU will have to quote depending on your desired method. Estimated pricing:

Mic: US$7
Old PSU: US$11
New PSU: US$15
Is this the tube mod?

Yes. It's from user BigUgly at GroupDIY. I have permission to fab boards. It is the 5840 tube circuit with a G7 pattern switching scheme in front of the tube. The schematic is here:


Here is my build thread:


Note, I did a single sided version only. That's basically the circuit I used for my 6AK5 version, without the card/omni switch.

Here are links: