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  • "scansin" - that's how they pronounce our homeland down here....... I'll always be a cheesehead but Fn A, I'm not coming back! It's so nice down here.. As long as my loyalties remain intact im not a traitor right???

    GO PACK!
    Yes, beer indeed! The Rep Deputy says I "must spread." So how's it goin? Is it cold where you are? Bwahahahaha! :D
    Haven't been able to get up to Oskosh lately. That's good because it means nothing's going wrong with their project, but sucks cause I dig visiting with you guys. Maybe this summer. :cool:
    Sorry 'bout that whole Packers thing, brah! :D

    My 49ers could be headed for a victory, or back-to-back infamy! :eek:
    Greetings O' Acidic One!
    How art thou n shit?


    Wouldn't it be nice to lead the life our family gets to lead?
    6 months since anyone said 'hi' on your wall?? have a beer at summerfest for me, im not gonna make it this year since im 800 miles away now.. I used to live on kenwood and downer and walked there. Ok, well, stumbled, whatever... And if I didnt, I watched the fireworks over the lake from my balcony! :D
    What up, dude! Got our measely 2" of global warming last night. Cleanin' up the pad for new years party. Hope all is well with you and the Mrs., and the kiddos! :D

    I saved money on my car insurance... bought beer... and fell in love with a Hoover all in one day!

    12 an 0 wooo woooo! damn nailbiter :D Everyone's getting the GB games now since they're on top, so that's kewl. How's it goin up there? I just put up xmas lights yesterday in shorts and short sleeves, it's craziness I tell ya!
    No not really... I saw the ATL game cuz it was here. The rest I've been following online, catching clips during other games, etc. It's not the same, but it works. WTH is going on this year, DETROIT is our main concern now?? :D Weird times eh,
    No I didnt make it... My relatives got in late and felt like lounging sunday... Watched it at home instead. Didn't start off so hot but all's well that ends well! WOOOOOO!!
    Packers in Atlanta sunday, I might even be going! I'll be wearing green n gold if I do, hope I dont get mugged in the parking lot.....
    work, work, and more work! I wanna be "playin' my music in the summer!"

    hey look! there's Lt. Bob! Hey Bob!
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