Converting 4-track cassette to 4-track digital on PC


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I have an old Tascam Portastudio 424 MkIII... and I have a whole bunch of 4-track cassettes that my old band recorded back in the 90's.

I would really like to move these cassettes over to my PC.

I see that there are four analog "tape outputs" on the back. These are RCA style jacks. I've tested it and these outputs are passing through the raw 4 audio tracks.

Is there such thing as a sound card for a Windows 10 PC that has 4 analog inputs? And if so, can I use something like Audacity to record the 4 tracks at once?

My goal is to have exactly what is on the 4-track cassettes to be on my PC. Raw archived audio... but maintaining the 4-track format. Then later I can play around with re-mixing, editing, etc.

Or is there another method for this? Other device to get the audio onto the PC? Other software to record it?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.



I'm 99% certain that interface will do the trick.

I don't have an interface that will take four discrete inputs, but I do have an Alesis HD24. I recently did a transfer job from a Tascam 4-track by running it into the HD24, then copying the files to my computer. It wasn't as convenient as going straight in, but it got it done.


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The UMC404 will easily let you record all 4 tracks at one time. You just need a DAW, like Reaper or ProTools First, etc. Set it up for 4 tracks, choosing each of inputs of the 404, hit record and start playing the Tascam. You'll end up with 4 wav files on you PC that you can play with later. Everything will be in sync.

I have been dumping albums and tapes into the line inputs of my Tascam 16x08, and once you get the process set up, its a breeze.