Contacting Apple


Just Killing Time
I'm having a very annoying problem with my iPod.

It works 100% fine on my windows computer, no problems at all.

I got a mac recently and was working on that for a while and had my iPod plugged
in for some tunes and all of a sudden my hard disk got messed up. Had to
format and put everything back on. That was a few wasteful days. But I
decided to keep it away from my mac.

The other night I was in the studio and needed to charge it so I plugged it in
(without thinking) to the G5 and then ejected it once it was charged, thought
nothing of it, it worked fine. Plugged it into my PC last night to put a tool album
on it, couldn't read the drive... and now there isn't a single piece of music on
the friggin thing!

Now the question I have is, how the f*** do I get in touch with Apple about
this? They only allow e-mails concerning their precious iTunes store, and I
think the only other option is to "arrange a phone call with an expert"

WTF is this about?! Customer care should be about ringing up and being put
straight through. I don't want to have to pay through the nose (which I'm
already bloody doing for their overly priced products that aren't even
compatible with each other) to get help with this. It should be free!