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  • ill give it a listen, good one :)

    im still trying to nail a guitar song...binned my last one but this one is sounding more promising...other than a 12 string all my guitars are pretty cheap crap so its a bloody challenge getting anything out them...that and the fact im a crap player...still ive stuck two tunes up recently so being productive while the weathers fairly shite here

    hope things are picking up for you and you are enjoying the splendour that is ableton :)
    Wow...I don't know what to say--except thanks! It was just a little jam. Now I'm feeling the pressure to buckle down and do a real song!
    BaggDude! :D
    Wussup baby! Jus' kickin with some beer, a large doob :D, da woman and some peanut butter for those "special" moments. :laughings:

    (My dogs hate those "special" moments.) :eek:

    Oddly enough, I got asked to run sound for this good sized, weekend long jam the town puts on every year. It's called the Elko Jamboree. Got a shitload of bikers come in from all over and the town just parties it up. Buncha vendors, beer, boobies and bands n shit. It's not huge but a helluva lot bigger than I'm comfortable with. Somewhere around 6000 extra people if I'm remembering right. :eek:
    Gotta think this un over. The chicken shit in me is rearing it's ugly head. :laughings:

    How boutchoo? Who ya been doin?
    Cheers! My last one was about me not being able to use the monitors to listen to music through the interface. No replies so far
    Good to hear that I`m not the worst noob:) Give me a year:)) You`ll see the progress! And hopefully you`ll hear some songs too...
    Oh, I`ll stick around, mate. I`m probably the worst noob there is. You`ll find out from my posts!My love for writing songs brought me here. I know 0 but I`ll give it my best shot:)
    Not really sure what I did. :confused:

    There I was...mindin my own business, scratchin my butt and I look to my right and there was this beautiful brunette....
    short skirt, small halter top with large I decided to try my suave sophistication on her.
    "You wanna fuck or do I have to apologise?"

    Next thing I know, I'm layin on the ground and she's got my finger pulled all the way back and tellin me to say "uncle". :confused:

    crazy bitch. :rolleyes: new tunes here man. Fooked up my index finger on my fret hand over a month ago. Just now back to where I can bend it. And since I'm a 9 fingered guitar freak, that makes a bigger impact on a guys playin than ya might think. :laughings:

    How boutchoo man? Anything new in the midst?
    Not at the doghouse. :D
    Fact, I'm havin a cold one right now.

    cheers Sir BaggDude I tip one in your general direction. :drunk:
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