condensed fiberglass info/where to buy thread


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does any one know a UK supplier of rockwool? Preferably mail order :)
If noone's said this already, look for Rocksilk RS45. I managed to get 10 4'x2'x2" panels for £20(that's 25p sq/ft at Rowan Timber(travis perkins [and i'm sure many others] do them also, but more expensive). The coefficients have been included in the first page of this thread.

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Cleveland Ohio

i just bought 5 cases of OC 703 2" for $1.04 per square foot from Clark Insulation in cleveland.

they deal in, but do not stock, the 4" variety, but the minimum order is a truckload!!!!


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Paragon Pacific/Certainteed, 1-800-456-3275
Mineral Wool
Thermafiber - 2.5 pcf. - 2' x 4' x 3" - $0.48 s/f
Rigid Fiberglass
OEM 600 - 6 pcf. - 4' x 10' x 1" - $1.13 s/f
OEM 600 - 6 pcf. - 4' x 10' x 2" - $2.17 s/f
OEM 300 - 3 pcf. - 4' x 10' x 2" - $1.08 s/f
OEM 300 - 3 pcf. - 4' x 10' x 4" - $2.76 s/f

Pure Distribution Of Oregon 1-800-863-1734
OC705 2" $2.56 s/f
OC703 2" $1.40 s/f
OC703 4" $2.81 s/f

Rose City Building Specialties - Tigard, OR 503/684-3187
Roxul Rockwool - 4” - $1.19

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Bay Insulation

Here's another company (conglomerate) with lots of locations nationwide: (forum won't let me post actual link because it thinks I might be a spammer because I haven't yet made 5 posts. Funny, that encourages people to spam just to get up to 5 posts, no?)

The branch here in the greater LA area I visited is known as CWCI Insulation of LA.

Their prices are competitive. For reference, here is what I just paid:

4" 8pcf @ $1.3670/sqft ($35.50 for a 3-pack)

2" 8pcf @ $0.6830/sqft ($32.78 for a 6-pack)

Since you're basically getting the same amount of mineral wool either way, you can save about $1 per every 4 inches used in a standard bass trap by getting the 2" stuff, but then it's up to you to layer them together. It's worth the extra buck to me to just use the 4" stuff and not do that.

(Oddly enough, though, their website is and they recently moved to Duarte, CA. So, their website calls them San Gabriel Insulation, that's how they answer their phone, but their receipt says 'CWCI Insulation of LA, Inc' and says they are a member of the Bay Industries Corporate Family. You figure it out.)


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I built some 2' x 4' panels a couple of years back, made of semi-rigid fiberglass, wooden-framed, wrapped in Calico. But I'm not using them. Does anybody want to buy them?

Apologies to the moderators if this "pitch" is out of line. I just thought it might be convenient for any forum browsers, save them time and hassle. I accept if this gets deleted.

If it's okay, I'm in the Newcastle area in NSW, Australia.

I have 12 of the 2' x 4' ones. Also, a couple that are twice as high, a couple that are one and a half times as high, and a couple of 4' x 4' square ones. All of them are 4" thick. I still have the brackets and screws I used to attach them to the wall, too.

E-mail me at if you're interested.

Again, I apologize if this wasn't appropriate and accept any resulting consequences.



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midwest supply co.
springfield missouri

carries oc 703 and roxul as a reg. stocked item
oc 703 is 8.84 per 2x4 sheet
roxul is jsut under 7 dollars per 2x4 sheet


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midwest supply co.
springfield missouri

carries oc 703 and roxul as a reg. stocked item
oc 703 is 8.84 per 2x4 sheet
roxul is jsut under 7 dollars per 2x4 sheet
PER SHEET?!!! Wow hope you never bought anything there that is expensive!


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San Antonio office of Denver Southwest ( 210-661-1300 ) made me a great deal on some rock wool. It is iig's MinWool Sound Attenuation Fire Batt product. Spec Sheet found at although the picture isn't of the product I have. The pic looks a lot neater, lol. I got 40 of the 2" X 28" X 48" panels at $0.32 per square foot and 18 of the 3" X 28" X 48" panels at $0.40 per sq.ft. You have to by it in complete "sleeves". The 2" comes in sleeves of 10 panels while the 3" comes in sleeves of 6. Here's the data:

Sound Absorption Coefficients
1/3 Octave Band Center Frequencies, HZ
...125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
2" .27 .55 1.07 1.10 1.10 1.10 0.95
3" .34 .92 1.16 1.04 0.98 0.98 1.05

All 2.5 pcf.

They shipped it to me by truck to Austin for $25. I met the driver in a Home Depot parking lot and handed him a check. With tax, and delivery, the total was $198 even. :D
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O.K. My local HD carries Safe and sound. Found this thread on a search. Gonna go back and read all the threads later. Question, should I get that stuff ???


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I called my local Lowes in Paducah Kentucky, and they can order 2" 4x8 sheets of 703 for $25 ea. Great price.
1" was only $12.50, but they said it was a "tongue and groove" kinda edge. The 2" would be better anyway.

I'd think any Lowes could do the same.