condensed fiberglass info/where to buy thread

In the Milwaukee area, there is an IDI Distributors location (in Hartland by Waukesha, actually). Steve there is setting me up with 2" OC 703 for $1.30/ft^2, though there is a minimum order (I believe this is "three boxes," but he is currently running down whether there are six or twelve 24"x48" pieces per box). I will update with final pricing and such once I actually pick it up.
If your in Europe try to find Rockwool 221 has a density of 55kg/m3. Which is very good (according to these cool measurements). I got it on the Dutch equivalent of EBay from a guy that buys it in bigger bunches.

40 euros per pack. One pack is eight 5cm thick plates 100x60cm. No idea if that is a good price or not, it's the only deal I could find...
I'm new and was just looking for oc #703 for building a few bass traps. After hours of searching and calling, one of the places I called directed me towards r-factor in Puyallup, WA (Near Tacoma). They have it in stock, 12 sheets for $105. Probably the best price I found after looking for so long. I can finally build those bass traps.
Current findings around the metro Detroit area:

Insulation Sales of Ferndale sells OC703 2"x2'x4' at $1.06 sq.ft. and in 96sq.ft. cases, 12 pieces per box.

Mechanical Insulation Supply of Redford sells Roxul 6lb density non-rigid at $0.91 per piece, 10 pieces per box.

As of March, 2017, this is still a viable place to get 703 in Detroit area - near 9 Mile & I-75. (248) 398-7200

Price has increased over last six years, of course. I picked up a 12-pack of OC 703 2" for $122.11, and that includes tax.