Building a Studio


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I’m looking to build a studio in my backyard detached from the house. I want it as SOUNDPROOF as possible. I work third shift and have two kids so it would be ideal if I could get out there at midnight and jam as loud as I wanted to or sing as loud as I need to without feeling paranoid. I’ve seen a lot on “room within a room” and utilizing the hell out of rock wool. I need as many “tiny detail” tips and big tips as possible please! I don’t want to mess this up or have any regrets. You guys are awesome and keep jamming!
My youngest, now 33 revealed him, and his friends came to our house every week for ages and partied in my studio built out the back, but attached to the house. We never knew! Brick, timber and ply roof. Inner room with sheet on timber. As the others have said. If it’s heavy, and solid inside another structure, all is good. My neighbours didn’t know I’d had a studio in it till I told them.