Are instrumentals 'songs'?


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but that's the rules we have set forth in America.
Hell, with that. Isnt this/it the United States?

'one in 12 says black is white and the other 11 say the opposite' , Nothing united about that. Further, just so we are square, when you call 'black' saying it is 'white' knowingly..that is a lie. Lying is fraud. That lying Jury would be hung. Hung by the crowd of people that did time when they were innocent.

It is your DUTY to stand up to an oppressive government. 11 on 1 sounds pretty oppressive. Better have your facts straight. The scales of justice are a motherfucker on the payback.

I am curious why you have the need to define things so specifically. Nothing changes one way or the other, song or instrumental. It comes off to me as elitist behavior. No, IM SAYING IT MEANS...kind of thing. Why? Talk to yer fellow peoples, they might learn you something new.

I have no need to do such things. I wouldnt even think about.
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The other thing worth mentioning about the dictionary definitions is that they don't take into account the recording age and how language has moved along within that field. There are lots of interchangeable terms. For example, tracks, numbers, songs, pieces, compositions, ditties and tunes have all been used interchangeably for both songs with vocals and instrumentals over the last 70 years.

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And sometimes a song is a hit. A hit? How can that be? A hit is when you strike something. How can that mean a successful record?