Another Akai MG1212.......

I am designing my Akai MG1214 into my new studio desk design. The other console is the Allan & Heath QU24.

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I have removed the palm rest and relocated the front plugs to the rear. Should be a sweet analogue option for clients.
so thanks to all of the info in this thread, and parsing over the service manual, i was able to get my akai mg1214 transport repaired and fully working, however after putting it through its initial paces of recording i noticed that there is a slight hum that only activates when the play button is pressed and you have one or more tracks turned up. my thoughts at this point are that there is a ground/bad capacitor issue somewhere in the play circuitry or possibly there is a ground/short issue with the dbx noise reduction that would be activated when play is pressed. j.harv or anyone else, have any similar issues such as this? thoughts on it?

just to be thorough i have checked extensively and there are no other hums coming from anywhere else, only when play is pressed, and it occurs both with and without a tape inserted so i know it isn't coming from the tape playback itself.
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I am designing my Akai MG1214 into my new studio desk design. The other console is the Allan & Heath QU24.

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I have removed the palm rest and relocated the front plugs to the rear. Should be a sweet analogue option for clients.

Looks great....though I must confess I love the look of some actual reels spinning round. Any reason you went for the QU24 over say the X32 or the Studiolive Version3?
We already had the QU so we went with that for the moment due to budget restraints. I will be doing a mod to the Akai to supply phase reverse and 48v per channel soon so we can use any type of mic. Got it all worked out.
Hi......Fun to work when they work I love them..Just letting you know that the battery leakage causes a lot of problems...I also have lots of 1212 parts if you might need something...Good luck with your project...
It's changed !
I soldered 3 wires and deported the battery in the front panel (under the module plug)
The board is clean (white vinegar by toothbrush and rinsing water after)
thank you Deslog:D
I had seen but the transport in France is expensive. I wanted to know if there is a reseller in Europe (I asked AKAI France but no news at the moment)
I will wait a few days before ordering.
Sorry to hijack and be an opportunistic bastard, but I currently have a PAIR of MG1212 units for sale with:

* operations and service manuals
* three MK20J tapes (two of them NOS in seals plastic!!)
* a set of you’ll-never-ever-find-these calibration tapes
* a pair of new idler tires

They are project machines, but pass audio and one of the transports is working (load, eject, and all transport functions working). I’m not interest in shipping them unless the buyer wants to handle contracting something like craters and freighters or something like that, but I am willing to drive some distance to meet a buyer who is committed to purchase.

I’m currently asking $400USD for the whole affair, but am open to offers. Have a heart...I have four kids from my previous marriage and my wife and I are expecting...and we just survived Christmas. :D

They bundle is currently up on eBay and craigslist.

That's a great deal sweetbeats!

I'm actually looking for a 1214 model but obviously here in Australia. I decided to take my 1214 out of the studio and replaced it with my other 1212 which is in excellent condition. I am going to completly overhaul the 1214 and have organized with JLM audio here in Australia to install phase reverse and phantom power to each channel. Also recapping then it will be back in the studio.
"Install phase reverse and phantom power..."
Good job Deslog.
It is possible to write a tuto for this work ?
Hi Stephxi

Here is the module(kit form) for each channel

JLM Audio Shop

Joe told me he gets his switches custom made and are very high quality with gold connectors.

Also a 48volt supply is need to supply 48v to the individual modules.

It is possible to drill the holes on the back Akai and install each of the 12 modules. You would just have to switch from the back as there doesn't seem to be enough room to mount them to the top of the channel strips.
You may be able to just mount a small led on each of the channel strips to indicate when the 48volt option is engaged.

Because of the way I have designed and built the studio desk that houses the Akai I can mount all the modules behind the aluminum strip so that all the switches and light will be directly above each channel strip which is very convenient.

Akai MG1214 inbuilt in studio desk.jpg
Click on the above image to see a larger view.

The other option is to create a 1U 19" rack with all the modules and switches and have a small multi core back to the Akai. This could also house the 48v power supply.

The only problem with mounting all my 48volt, phase reverse and pad to my desk in this position is that it will block access to plug into the LINE, ACC Receive and Send 6.5 jack plugs.
I spoke with Joe regarding this and we are going to relocate all of these via internally tapping onto all of the said jack plugs and wire them to a Dsub's that I will mount on the back of the Akai which means I can run a loom to an outboard patchbay.
I will also Dsub all the mic inputs so they will be accessed via the patch bay.
That means I will never have to connect anything directly from the back of the Akai, just the patchbay. Pretty cool. It really brings the Akai up into more of a studio desk configuration. More user friendly and neat.

Modding and using old audio equipment is not for the faint hearted but if there is purpose behind it, time and a passion it is very rewarding. All the knowledge to get these desks up and running beautifully is out there. Not only that but if something comes up that you have to address it's normally not a big deal because you have educated and toyed around enough with it to workout the solution.

This guy completly restored his Akai MG1214 from a water damaged wreck in Brazil

Mesa Akai MG 1214 Reforma - YouTube
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