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My name is Mashie! I am in a band called "The Bergamot". We just recently came out with our first music video - you can watch it on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks! I look forward to being a part of!

"I play in a band. It's a really underground band. Super underground. Very underground. Like, we don't even actually play." -Greg Behrendt
Well played!! I always love a good seems we have something in common! Have a great day!

"I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to."
-Elvis Presley
Twelve years ago I formed a virtual band, we only took promo photos and that was it.

One of my favorite bands started sort of like that.


they started by making up a fake band name and putting on tshirts and selling it.

Not sure if to become a band was part of their plan but im fucking glad they did it. Some of the catchiest tunes ive heard in a long time.