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  • Hi Casey !
    Tried to PM you but you've run out of space.
    Been listening to Explorer & it's really growing on me. It's a neat way to do an LP. Most people would find it hard to take in one chunk but I've listened to classical, jazz/fusion, psych and prog for so long that long songs are normal to me. I remember when I first listened to Handel's "Messiah" or Floyd's first two LPs or Cream, Zeppelin or Hendrix tracks, they seemed to go on forever and I'd frequently get lost in where I was in the song or piece. It took me a long time to 'get' that kind of music but persevering was a good thing as by the time I started listening to the jazzier end of things, I had grown used to length and getting my head around the number of changes that one encounters in a 20 or 40 minute piece.
    When will the CD be out ? Let me know so I can buy one. It'll be interesting to actually have a track list as I still don't know what any of the actual 'songs' are called.
    Take care for now,
    Whas goin' on, super-duper! :cool:

    I've been reading 'bout some nutcase that just came outta the hate closet in da cave. :facepalm:

    My granny woulda said, "Welp, it takes a heap o' livin'!" ;)
    For those not following along, Slowrider thinks that being a Jew = being a jihadist.

    Interesting opinion, Slowrider.
    It's not snowing, but it's raining bullshit, since the legislature is in session.

    Pics from your back porch!!
    Well brother Creep, lots of winter wonderland showstoppers here in the middle of the USA!! I'm going to need someone to rescue me in the morning..the snow is drifting high against my door!

    What's going on in your part of the world?
    Sorry that I didn't realize you have rep'd me and sent a message...I never check rep.
    Myself and my family are doing very well. Thanks for asking. I left before because it got to the point that anytime I posted anything whatsoever it was a gang tackle by these dickhead libs who can't live without getting the last word in. Not that I'm not up to going back and forth .....I just got bored with it and left for a couple of years. Hope you and yours are all well.
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