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I know you've probably all seen one of these sites but just for fun I tried out my user name and came up with...

A Fresh Tit
Faster Hit
After Shit
Earth Fist
Shaft Rite
Arts Thief
A Fret Shit
I The Farts
RE: Fat Shit
He Fist Rat

Try it out
Ha... I've thrown all sorts of words into that thing over the years, but never tried Armistice: :laughings:

Satiric Me
Racism Tie
Armies Tic
I'm raciest (OK, so I added the apostrophe....)
Stair Mice
Arm Iciest
Arm Cities
Ram Cities
It's a crime
It came sir
It is cream?
I trim aces
I me racist
I mite scar
I ream tics
Rats mice I

I might use Stair Mice for a project in the future... has that WTF is that all about vibe to it... :)
Do all of these make sense?

Demon Ours
Demon Sour
Doormen Us
Modern Sou
Mourned So
Demons Our
Mooed Runs
Mooed Urns
Moored Nus
Moored Sun
Roomed Nus
Roomed Sun
Moused Nor
Demur Soon
Drone Sumo
Resound Om
Sounder Om
Sunder Moo
Nursed Moo
Under Moos
Nuder Moos
Dunes Room
Dunes Moor
Nudes Room
Nudes Moor
Dune Moors
Dune Rooms
Nude Moors
Nude Rooms
Doe Mourns
Ode Mourns
Does Mourn
Dose Mourn
Odes Mourn
Douse Morn
Douse Norm
Rued Monos
Rued Moons
Rude Monos
Rude Moons
Sued Moron
Dues Moron
Used Moron
Due Morons
Mounds Ore
Mounds Roe
Mound Ores
Mound Rose
Mound Sore
Mound Roes
Mood Runes
Mood Nurse
Doom Runes
Doom Nurse
Moods Rune
Dooms Rune
Drum Noose
Mud Sooner
Nod Mouser
Don Mouser
Rondo Muse
Rondo Emus
Donor Muse
Donor Emus
Donors Emu
Rondos Emu
Round Some
Sound More
Undo Mores
Duns Romeo
Dun Morose
Dun Romeos
Rood Menus
Door Menus
Odor Menus
Doors Menu
Roods Menu
Odors Menu
Odours Men
Dour Omens
Dour Meson
Duo Sermon
Ed Moron Us
Ed Morn Sou
Ed Norm Sou
Ed Mourn So
Ed Moo Runs
Ed Moo Urns
Ed Room Nus
Ed Room Sun
Ed Moor Nus
Ed Moor Sun
Ed Moors Nu
Ed Rooms Nu
Ed Moos Run
Ed Moos Urn
Ed Sumo Nor
Ed Rum Soon
Mend Or Sou
Mend Our So
Demon Or Us
Demo Nor Us
Demo Run So
Demo Urn So
Demo Nus Or
Demo Sun Or
Dome Nor Us
Dome Run So
Dome Urn So
Dome Nus Or
Dome Sun Or
Mode Nor Us
Mode Run So
Mode Urn So
Mode Nus Or
Mode Sun Or
Domes Nu Or
Modes Nu Or
Demos Nu Or
Demur On So
Demur No So
Mused On Or
Mused No Or
End Om Ours
End Om Sour
End Room Us
End Moor Us
End Oms Our
End Sumo Or
Den Om Ours
Den Om Sour
Den Room Us
Den Moor Us
Den Oms Our
Den Sumo Or
Node Mr Sou
Node Rum So
Node Ms Our
Node Sum Or
Node Mus Or
Done Mr Sou
Done Rum So
Done Ms Our
Done Sum Or
Done Mus Or
Drone Om Us
Drone Mu So
Drone Um So
Nodes Mu Or
Nodes Um Or
Nosed Mu Or
Nosed Um Or
Nerd Om Sou
Nerd Moo Us
Rend Om Sou
Rend Moo Us
Under Om So
Nuder Om So
Ends Om Our
Send Om Our
Dens Om Our
Dunes Om Or
Nudes Om Or
Dune Oms Or
Nude Oms Or
Doe Morn Us
Doe Norm Us
Doe Om Runs
Doe Om Urns
Doe Oms Run
Doe Oms Urn
Doe Mr Onus
Doe Rums On
Doe Rums No
Doe Rum Son
Doe Rum Nos
Doe Sum Nor
Doe Mus Nor
Ode Morn Us
Ode Norm Us
Ode Om Runs
Ode Om Urns
Ode Oms Run
Ode Oms Urn
Ode Mr Onus
Ode Rums On
Ode Rums No
Ode Rum Son
Ode Rum Nos
Ode Sum Nor
Ode Mus Nor
Rodeo Ms Nu
Rode Om Nus
Rode Om Sun
Rode Oms Nu
Rode Sum On
Rode Sum No
Rode Mus On
Rode Mus No
Rode Mu Son
Rode Mu Nos
Rode Um Son
Rode Um Nos
Redo Om Nus
Redo Om Sun
Redo Oms Nu
Redo Sum On
Redo Sum No
Redo Mus On
Redo Mus No
Redo Mu Son
Redo Mu Nos
Redo Um Son
Redo Um Nos
Doer Om Nus
Doer Om Sun
Doer Oms Nu
Doer Sum On
Doer Sum No
Doer Mus On
Doer Mus No
Doer Mu Son
Doer Mu Nos
Doer Um Son
Doer Um Nos
Doers Om Nu
Doers Mu On
Doers Mu No
Doers Um On
Doers Um No
Does Om Run
Does Om Urn
Does Rum On
Does Rum No
Does Mu Nor
Does Um Nor
Dose Om Run
Dose Om Urn
Dose Rum On
Dose Rum No
Dose Mu Nor
Dose Um Nor
Odes Om Run
Odes Om Urn
Odes Rum On
Odes Rum No
Odes Mu Nor
Odes Um Nor
Douse Mr On
Douse Mr No
Red Mono Us
Red Moon Us
Red Om Onus
Red Moo Nus
Red Moo Sun
Red Moos Nu
Red Sumo On
Red Sumo No
Red Mu Soon
Red Um Soon
Reds Moo Nu
Rued Om Son
Rued Om Nos
Rued Oms On
Rued Oms No
Rude Om Son
Rude Om Nos
Rude Oms On
Rude Oms No
Eds Moo Run
Eds Moo Urn
Eds Room Nu
Eds Moor Nu
Sued Om Nor
Dues Om Nor
Used Om Nor
Due Morn So
Due Norm So
Due Oms Nor
Due Mr Soon
Mound Re So
Mod En Ours
Mod En Sour
Mod Rune So
Mod Ens Our
Mod Ore Nus
Mod Ore Sun
Mod Roe Nus
Mod Roe Sun
Mod Ores Nu
Mod Rose Nu
Mod Sore Nu
Mod Roes Nu
Mod Re Onus
Mod Ruse On
Mod Ruse No
Mod User On
Mod User No
Mod Sure On
Mod Sure No
Mod Rues On
Mod Rues No
Mod Rue Son
Mod Rue Nos
Mod Use Nor
Mod Sue Nor
Mood Re Nus
Mood Re Sun
Mood Res Nu
Doom Re Nus
Doom Re Sun
Doom Res Nu
Moods Re Nu
Dooms Re Nu
Dorm En Sou
Dorm One Us
Dorm Eon Us
Dorm Use On
Dorm Use No
Dorm Sue On
Dorm Sue No
Mods En Our
Mods Ore Nu
Mods Roe Nu
Mods Rue On
Mods Rue No
Drum One So
Drum Eon So
Muds One Or
Muds Eon Or
Muds Ore On
Muds Ore No
Muds Roe On
Muds Roe No
Mud Nose Or
Mud Ones Or
Mud Noes Or
Mud Eons Or
Mud Ore Son
Mud Ore Nos
Mud Roe Son
Mud Roe Nos
Mud Ores On
Mud Ores No
Mud Rose On
Mud Rose No
Mud Sore On
Mud Sore No
Mud Roes On
Mud Roes No
Mud Re Soon
Nod Me Ours
Nod Me Sour
Nod Em Ours
Nod Em Sour
Nod More Us
Nod Rem Sou
Nod Ems Our
Nod Muse Or
Nod Emus Or
Nod Ore Sum
Nod Ore Mus
Nod Roe Sum
Nod Roe Mus
Nod Ores Mu
Nod Ores Um
Nod Rose Mu
Nod Rose Um
Nod Sore Mu
Nod Sore Um
Nod Roes Mu
Nod Roes Um
Nod Re Sumo
Nod Ruse Om
Nod User Om
Nod Sure Om
Nod Rues Om
Nod Rue Oms
Don Me Ours
Don Me Sour
Don Em Ours
Don Em Sour
Don More Us
Don Rem Sou
Don Ems Our
Don Muse Or
Don Emus Or
Don Ore Sum
Don Ore Mus
Don Roe Sum
Don Roe Mus
Don Ores Mu
Don Ores Um
Don Rose Mu
Don Rose Um
Don Sore Mu
Don Sore Um
Don Roes Mu
Don Roes Um
Don Re Sumo
Don Ruse Om
Don User Om
Don Sure Om
Don Rues Om
Don Rue Oms
Rondo Me Us
Rondo Em Us
Donor Me Us
Donor Em Us
Snood Re Mu
Snood Re Um
Round Me So
Round Em So
Dons Me Our
Dons Em Our
Dons Emu Or
Dons Ore Mu
Dons Ore Um
Dons Roe Mu
Dons Roe Um
Dons Rue Om
Nods Me Our
Nods Em Our
Nods Emu Or
Nods Ore Mu
Nods Ore Um
Nods Roe Mu
Nods Roe Um
Nods Rue Om
Sound Me Or
Sound Em Or
Sound Re Om
Undo Rem So
Undo Ems Or
Undo Re Oms
Undo Res Om
Duns Ore Om
Duns Roe Om
Duns Re Moo
Dun More So
Dun Some Or
Dun Ore Oms
Dun Roe Oms
Dun Ores Om
Dun Rose Om
Dun Sore Om
Dun Roes Om
Dun Re Moos
Dun Res Moo
Do Men Ours
Do Men Sour
Do Menus Or
Do More Nus
Do More Sun
Do Mores Nu
Do Some Run
Do Some Urn
Do Rem Onus
Do Serum On
Do Serum No
Do Muse Nor
Do Emus Nor
Do One Rums
Do Eon Rums
Do Senor Mu
Do Senor Um
Do Snore Mu
Do Snore Um
Do Nose Rum
Do Ones Rum
Do Noes Rum
Do Eons Rum
Do Runes Om
Do Nurse Om
Do Rune Oms
Do Use Morn
Do Use Norm
Do Sue Morn
Do Sue Norm
Rood Me Nus
Rood Me Sun
Rood Em Nus
Rood Em Sun
Rood Men Us
Rood Ems Nu
Rood En Sum
Rood En Mus
Rood Ens Mu
Rood Ens Um
Door Me Nus
Door Me Sun
Door Em Nus
Door Em Sun
Door Men Us
Door Ems Nu
Door En Sum
Door En Mus
Door Ens Mu
Door Ens Um
Odor Me Nus
Odor Me Sun
Odor Em Nus
Odor Em Sun
Odor Men Us
Odor Ems Nu
Odor En Sum
Odor En Mus
Odor Ens Mu
Odor Ens Um
Doors Me Nu
Doors Em Nu
Doors En Mu
Doors En Um
Roods Me Nu
Roods Em Nu
Roods En Mu
Roods En Um
Odors Me Nu
Odors Em Nu
Odors En Mu
Odors En Um
Rod Me Onus
Rod Em Onus
Rod Men Sou
Rod Omen Us
Rod Menu So
Rod Some Nu
Rod Muse On
Rod Muse No
Rod Emus On
Rod Emus No
Rod Emu Son
Rod Emu Nos
Rod En Sumo
Rod One Sum
Rod One Mus
Rod Eon Sum
Rod Eon Mus
Rod Nose Mu
Rod Nose Um
Rod Ones Mu
Rod Ones Um
Rod Noes Mu
Rod Noes Um
Rod Eons Mu
Rod Eons Um
Rods Emu On
Rods Emu No
Rods One Mu
Rods One Um
Rods Eon Mu
Rods Eon Um
Dour Me Son
Dour Me Nos
Dour Em Son
Dour Em Nos
Dour Men So
Dour Ems On
Dour Ems No
Dour En Oms
Dour Ens Om
Sod Men Our
Sod Menu Or
Sod More Nu
Sod Emu Nor
Sod One Rum
Sod Eon Rum
Sod Rune Om
Dos Men Our
Dos Menu Or
Dos More Nu
Dos Emu Nor
Dos One Rum
Dos Eon Rum
Dos Rune Om
Duos Me Nor
Duos Em Nor
Duos Men Or
Duos Rem On
Duos Rem No
Duo Rem Son
Duo Rem Nos
Duo Rems On
Duo Rems No
Duo Ems Nor
Ed Om Nor Us
Ed Om Run So
Ed Om Urn So
Ed Om Nus Or
Ed Om Sun Or
Ed Oms Nu Or
Ed Mr On Sou
Ed Mr No Sou
Ed Rum On So
Ed Rum No So
Ed Ms On Our
Ed Ms No Our
Ed Sum On Or
Ed Sum No Or
Ed Mus On Or
Ed Mus No Or
Ed Mu Nor So
Ed Mu Son Or
Ed Mu Nos Or
Ed Um Nor So
Ed Um Son Or
Ed Um Nos Or
End Om Or Us
End Mu Or So
End Um Or So
Den Om Or Us
Den Mu Or So
Den Um Or So
Doe Mr On Us
Doe Mr No Us
Doe Mr Nu So
Doe Ms Nu Or
Ode Mr On Us
Ode Mr No Us
Ode Mr Nu So
Ode Ms Nu Or
Red Om On Us
Red Om No Us
Red Om Nu So
Red Mu On So
Red Mu No So
Red Um On So
Red Um No So
Eds Om Nu Or
Eds Mu On Or
Eds Mu No Or
Eds Um On Or
Eds Um No Or
Due Mr On So
Due Mr No So
Due Ms On Or
Due Ms No Or
Mod En Or Us
Mod Re On Us
Mod Re No Us
Mod Re Nu So
Mud En Or So
Mud Re On So
Mud Re No So
Nod Me Or Us
Nod Em Or Us
Nod Re Om Us
Nod Re Mu So
Nod Re Um So
Don Me Or Us
Don Em Or Us
Don Re Om Us
Don Re Mu So
Don Re Um So
Dun Me Or So
Dun Em Or So
Dun Re Om So
Do Me Nor Us
Do Me Run So
Do Me Urn So
Do Me Nus Or
Do Me Sun Or
Do Em Nor Us
Do Em Run So
Do Em Urn So
Do Em Nus Or
Do Em Sun Or
Do Men Or Us
Do Rem On Us
Do Rem No Us
Do Rem Nu So
Do Ems Nu Or
Do En Mr Sou
Do En Rum So
Do En Ms Our
Do En Sum Or
Do En Mus Or
Do One Mr Us
Do Eon Mr Us
Do Ens Mu Or
Do Ens Um Or
Do Ore Ms Nu
Do Roe Ms Nu
Do Re Om Nus
Do Re Om Sun
Do Re Oms Nu
Do Re Sum On
Do Re Sum No
Do Re Mus On
Do Re Mus No
Do Re Mu Son
Do Re Mu Nos
Do Re Um Son
Do Re Um Nos
Do Res Om Nu
Do Res Mu On
Do Res Mu No
Do Res Um On
Do Res Um No
Do Rue Ms On
Do Rue Ms No
Do Use Mr On
Do Use Mr No
Do Sue Mr On
Do Sue Mr No
Rod Me On Us
Rod Me No Us
Rod Me Nu So
Rod Em On Us
Rod Em No Us
Rod Em Nu So
Rod En Om Us
Rod En Mu So
Rod En Um So
Sod Me Nu Or
Sod Em Nu Or
Sod En Mu Or
Sod En Um Or
Sod Re Om Nu
Sod Re Mu On
Sod Re Mu No
Sod Re Um On
Sod Re Um No
Dos Me Nu Or
Dos Em Nu Or
Dos En Mu Or
Dos En Um Or
Dos Re Om Nu
Dos Re Mu On
Dos Re Mu No
Dos Re Um On
Dos Re Um No
Duo En Mr So
Duo En Ms Or
Duo Re Ms On
Duo Re Ms No
i got some good ones

A Maestro One
A Senate Room
A Mono Teaser
A Tamer Noose
Enema As Root

best of all,,,,

Tease A Moron
Damn moresound! you got like 1000 - I think most of those are in Latin though....

A Croaked
Area Dock
Aced Okra
Dace Okra
Caked Oar
Cedar Oak
Arced Oak
Cared Oak
Raced Oak
Cadre Oak
Coda Rake This would be a good band name :D
Cake Road
Creak Ado
A Caked Or
A Ace Dork
A Cake Rod
A Creak Do
A Croak Ed
A Rack Doe
A Rack Ode
A Dark Eco
A Rad Coke
A Rake Cod
A Rake Doc
A Era Dock
A Ear Dock
A Are Dock
A Ark Code
A Ark Coed
A Oar Deck
Cad Oak Re
Ace Ark Do
Cake Ad Or
Arc Oak Ed
Car Oak Ed
Ad Oak Rec
Ad Ark Eco
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i was going to post here on accounta my screen name already being an anagram

but i'm learning now its really a "spoonerism"(?)
haha..very nice...

been revisiting 'cheers' last nights episode, cliff said "A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother"

thought it was appropriate.