Amplitube 4 & 5


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This is a Amplitube thread however..

Brainworx has a sale now. If you sign up, use the $25 voucher and strategize your purchases..The VST amps are cheap. They have a NICE GK sim. This is the same one in the Universal Audio Kit.

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Got to get creative with the coupons..$29 isnt enough for the coupon minimum.
Work the system. More for less.
That's a nice head. I had the real one some years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, it fell victim to my "lighten the load for gigging" plans. This one looks nice.

I downloaded the 14-day trial period. This has some really nice IRs.. really nice. I'm extremely impressed with the added EQ features. The ability to make adjustments Pre and Post is extremely useful.

Thanks for the heads up ;)
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Monkey Allen

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Have you tried Scuffman Amps S-Gear, Spantini? I bought that one a year or so ago and have just started using it in songs lately.

Amplitube 5 looks great to me by the way.


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I hadn't been aware of Scuffham's amps prior to this. I checked out the demo sounds and they are definitely hot. The price ain't bad, either.