Amplitube 4 & 5

This is a Amplitube thread however..

Brainworx has a sale now. If you sign up, use the $25 voucher and strategize your purchases..The VST amps are cheap. They have a NICE GK sim. This is the same one in the Universal Audio Kit.

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Got to get creative with the coupons..$29 isnt enough for the coupon minimum.
Work the system. More for less.
That's a nice head. I had the real one some years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, it fell victim to my "lighten the load for gigging" plans. This one looks nice.

I downloaded the 14-day trial period. This has some really nice IRs.. really nice. I'm extremely impressed with the added EQ features. The ability to make adjustments Pre and Post is extremely useful.

Thanks for the heads up ;)
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Have you tried Scuffman Amps S-Gear, Spantini? I bought that one a year or so ago and have just started using it in songs lately.

Amplitube 5 looks great to me by the way.
I hadn't been aware of Scuffham's amps prior to this. I checked out the demo sounds and they are definitely hot. The price ain't bad, either.
LOL! :p I'm in the process of arranging an old original of mine - it's all in my head for now and I want to include a lead guitar section a previous guitarist added back in '91-'92 while laying down first tracks in our old home studio. He used a wah pedal and it's really nice. Soo..

I loaded up Amp 4 with it's wah pedal and.. I had no idea how to use it. I mean, it has an Off/Auto/On switch and a pedal - that's it. Well, this was late last night and I was so tired I couldn't concentrate to figure out how to use the wah. When set to Auto or On I could hear the tone changing, then I began clicking the pedal all over to get the wah effect - nothing happened. There are all kinds of settings which could be applied, but still no wah effect. I continued clicking, as if banging my head against a wall. I gave up and went to bed.

This morning, I Googled for an answer and watched a video.. BOING!!! - BOING!! BOING!! BOING!!... DUH!!!.. :laughings:

Turns out all I had to do was left-click a spot on the pedal, hold it and move the mouse up and down. Double DUH!!

I eventually plan on having another guitarist add this part using their own gear.. I was just playing with this one to see how it works.

Now I'm wondering if the sim wah can be used while tracking myself, like other plugin/sims. I see it can be added and automated after tracking, but how would I use it while tracking myself?
Now I'm wondering if the sim wah can be used while tracking myself, like other plugin/sims. I see it can be added and automated after tracking, but how would I use it while tracking myself?
You'd need a midi pedal controller and select that as your control/automation for the virtual wah.

I looked into this a while ago, also for a volume pedal for swells, and opted to get new dedicated volume and wah pedals instead. At the time doing this with a midi controller pedal relied too much on the virtual pedal supporting the automation, and there was only a specific combination of an expensive midi controller that worked. Then figuring out how to track in real time with this setup. This was/is the trickier part, getting the automation assigned to the wah vst to record as you're tracking in real time.

Things may have improved since my first deep dive into doing this (like 5 or 6 years ago iirc), but now that I have the pedals I need (and rarely need to use), there's no motivation to figure all this out again.
Thanks. I thought that might be the case. Like you, I would get a Wah pedal, but I'm not planning on actually getting that deep into this.
Good news for AmpliTube 5 users. Since it was first released, many users have experienced very long load times. Mine were in the 5-10 minute range, not cool, so I pretty much stopped using it altogether, reverting back to my AmpliTube 4. Well, it took IK Multimedia almost 2 years, but they finally addressed this problem and have released V5.7.0 which includes a fix for "a CPU load issue that occurred at startup."

I just installed the update and, not believing until seeing, I ran a few load tests under several configurations. Result. . . IT WORKS! My load times have gone from 5-10 minutes down to under 1 minute. WooHooo!

Now my only problem is I don't like the look and GUI of AmpliTube 5. Maybe I'll get used to it now that I can actually use it.

YAY! :guitar::listeningmusic:
Glad the loading issue was fixed on your end. Do you have ToneX, because that's probably the biggest reason to use A5 over A4 for sure. ;)
No. No experience with Helix Native. Though I have had AmpliTube 5 for some time, I haven't used it in well over a year due to the long loading times. I'll be catching up on it now that IK has resolved that issue.
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I have both Helix Native & Amplitube 5 and can say that while I enjoy the "sound" coming out of Helix Native software, I dislike the workflow of just looking at "sliders" for all of the settings, I'd rather have the "gear" look of Amplitube 5. So, if you prefer the "sliders" over the actual "gear"... Helix Native is just fine. They both "sound" good to me. ToneX however is where it's really at for me now with (Drive) Pedals/Amps/Cabs though.