A Year and Nothing!

I put indoor/outdoor carpet tiles in my basement. 2'x2' each. You can glue them if you want, but I used double faced carpet tape. Some have self stick backing, but I didn't go that way. They can be easily taken up if there is any water leakage (haven't had that issue). If they were to get wet, pull it up and let it dry. Get an extra box and if something gets stained or cut, just replace that tile. It did help to cut the higher frequency sound bouncing, is easy to install and comfortable to walk on.
Would you show me a picture of how it looks. Carpet tiles are not expensive. I like the fact you can replace just one.

Carpet is the least costly flooring solution. Im want carpet. Low not shags.
Wow, thats carpet tile? I cannot see the seems. I expected more of a jig saw puzzle thing..

I really like that.
In the basement, I went with a low cost carpeting solution. Now the arduous task of putting the 'starship' back together.


All good? Bass's in one corner. Guitars in the opposing side. PA in the middle. Keyboard in a side cubby.

South wall is green screen'd for OBS podcasts. Amazon 30watt COB DMX usb cans hang on some homemade gantry. $9 each. Mood lights. You know.

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You'll probably want to take the bass amp out of the corner, it will have all sorts of bad reflections in that position.
Cabinets are on Castors. Nice and mobile.

Its not ideal, but should be ok for a sound lab. Although Im not into basement studios. My house is small. There, its got to be.

Dehumidifier in basement set to 45% humidity/hygrostasis. The basement has a steel locking security door. Pretty safe environment down there.
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