A mini Beatles medley/tribute.

Pretty ballsy taking on the Beatles. Kudos. Well done. Ending left me a little hanging, lol.

Mix is good. Vocals are good. Everything in its place. Nice.

Thank you. Yeah, there's no way I can pull off the whole medley. I wish. :)
Random dude, I see in the responses a fair bit of mention of the vocals.


Maybe it’s just me, but in all of the music I’ve heard come out of your drum cave, the vocals always have a ‘beatle-esque’ kind of vibe.

Good stuff
That's pretty cool. I never try to sound like them. But if I was given a choice of who I'd like to sound most like, it would be The Beatles, the greatest band in the history of Western civilization. :)

:D :D :D-----------------------------------(end of argument before it even starts) ------------------------:D :D :D
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Awesome! Love the bass part in Mr Mustard, guitar solo in Pam is ripping, and those guitar fills in bathroom window all highlights to me, as in the original Beatles track...love your vocals too ...I like the energy in your version ,cool it's a bit faster...thanks for sharing!