90 degree xlr hack


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So I decided to break out my ADK-51 ST condenser to use in place of my trusty SM57 to do some of these live recordings ( just couldn't it loud enough without hiss) ...and the cable hangs down too low almost hitting my keyboards keys ( yes I could have turned it around so the connector was pointing up) ... Hmmm? I need a 90 degree XLR
Could have ordered one on amazon and had in a few days but I thought to myself / self maybe we could just frankenstein with plumbing parts. Hour or so later Ta da! Hey it works and it only cost $1 for the 90 degree copper elbow that I already had in my garage...Totally fit perfect had to notch for the little button and drill a hole for the screw that holds the xlr plug.. I actually just sweated the copper fitting to the barrel part of the original ....ez pz if you happen to have the drills , soldering iron, propane torch and copper plumbing sweating experience. Could have drilled the barrel and fitting and used a screw instead of sweating it but sweating was too easy for me.

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So, MacGyver, the corona virus scripts must be getting a bit slim, eh? :thumbs up:

FWIW, I just waited 2 days for a half dozen to get delivered when I needed a 90 degree plug. Four are still in the drawer, 4-5 years later. But SOMEDAY, I'll need one, and probably won't be able to find them.


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Just FYI. If anyone is ever stuck like this and HAVE get a mic working but need a R/A plug, just dismantle a regular XLR and plug in the naked pins. You would think you would get all sorts of RF ***T bangin' in but in most cases you don't. The output resistance of mics is so low that the short bit of screening loss rarely matters. Naturally check recordings with cans (and a RTA if poss) for nasties.

Cracking 'kludge' by the way!