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  • Bzzzzzzzz...tap tap tap...bang bang...whack!.. ow dammit!...bang bang bang...:D Man, I'm excited to see some more pics!

    It sounds like you are doing real work...I sometimes wonder if life would be much simpler without the green stuff...grab a bucket and pick up cans..an honest day work for an honest ...uuuhh...gee, what can ya buy with a bucket of cans nowadays?:eek:

    Yes, I have some updates for you...thanks for asking...I'll send you a mail in a bit and tell ya all about it.

    How'd you like that fast pony?
    Thank you for excellent acoustic mic lesson, sir. I am on the verge of buying my gear and I would be interested, if you would be so kind, as to tell me what brands/type of recording equipment you are using...or could suggest. It soulds so good and all I have settled on so far is the computer--getting more than a 'lil crazy hearing conflicting reports on signal chains, sound cards, etc. I have the mikes...but the work station has me befuddled. Anything you could do to help would be deeply appreciated. If you cannot or won't I will understand, sir.

    May God Bless you and yours...

    Yo WS! How's it hangin? :D

    Just thought I'd pop in and let you know that you're "legacy" tune is still getting regular airplay on my iPod ;)
    By the way..tonight your *favorite fan* heard the tone test(we've only listened to it a zillion times!..and he's jammed along with his guit)..he asked me when your CD was coming out.:D

    ...he also just told me, that in the morning, we(he, Kanin and I)needed to work on something to play for you..:eek:..man, I've giggled all night!!!
    Is that really Strat? That's cool But how do you do Goldirocks in Morse code? I'm kidding--don't do it!
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