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    Masters of There Day

    Not sure where to put this so mod feel free to move it. Got an e-mail from Benchmark that was way cool. Not trying to push Benchmark, but they have 3 videos out of 3 different groups in the studio. 10 minute HD productions showing tracking and final product from their recording session. Great...
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    Cheap Amps You Wish You Had Never Sold...

    In the mid 70's, I had a Sears amp my dad had bought me. We started a "band" and were playng in the garage, I was about 10. Dad decided that I needed a better amp if I was in a band, so he came home with an Ampeg Portaflex for me. It was really a bass amp, but I used a Big Muff pedal (the...
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    Alesis AM2 and CAD CM217

    I recently picked up a pair of mic's, Alesis AM2 pencil condenser mics. They are working very well for X-Y micing my acoustic. I was browsing through Musiciansfriend and came across these CAD CM217 mic's. They sure look a lot alike...
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    Wider guitars?

    That would get you a wider sound, but it would be wet. Hard to get a dry sound out of it if you wanted to reamp. Now this would definately give you a bigger sound, probably wider too!
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    overall volume of a finished track after bouncing

    Saw this on Wikipedia. This is a great example of what is happening to music: Two versions of the same song (Give It Away by Red Hot Chili Peppers) as mastered in 1991 (top) and then again in 2003 (bottom). Same song, but remastered, they felt the need to squash the life right out of it. The...
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    Eleven Rack vs M-Audio and Presonus NEWB

    Sure, I'll post some sounds tomorrow evening. I was the same way, got rid of all the big amps and stuff. I'm not gigging and it just didn't make sense having that stuff around. I was going to get a small practice amp, but started this whole home studio thing. The VG-99 fit perfectly. It sits...
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    CAD Equitek E-200

    I have an opportunity to pick this mic up used for $140. Anyone have any experience with it, opionions, sound like a good deal? Thanks
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    DAW USERS What's your favorite most useful plugins?

    I use Sonar and they have the Vintage channel VC-64. Took me a while to warm up to it, but now I love this thing especially on my vocals. Also acoustic guitar. Here is how Cakewalk describes it: "The VC-64 Vintage Channel is a channel strip, dynamics processor, EQ, and De-Esser that's been...
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    Anybody use Whotune?

    Not sure where to put this thread. I read about this site in Recording Magazine. I browsed through it and it seems interesting. I'm currently using Soundclick, but I was curious if others use it and their feedback. I searched the forums, but nothing came back. The url is:
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    Presonus Studio One

    Anybody using this DAW. I would like to hear feedback. It looks interesting. Thanks