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    Some open tuning themes/tunes acoustic guitar

    Here is a collection of themes I recorded using different open tunings on 2 separate guitars. Rhythm guitar is steel string Fender acoustic. The lead guitar is old Yamaha classical nylon string. The music is more thematic sounding in structure as opposed to a regular structured song. I wrote...
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    New ambient dark jazz / theme compositions

    Greetings. Here is a collection of mostly keyboard oriented VERY dark cryptic mode-based "jazz".......I also performed some orchestrations cinematic stuff too using MIDI concert instruments. All selections written, performed, recorded and produced by myself. Yeah, I know some of it may sound a...
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    New acoustic guitar album

    Some pix of recording process. Here are some pictures.....the KORG D888 8 track digital recorder with 2 ART preamps attached. This set up is what I used to record with. Files were then taken off and uploaded to computer for further production. The X/Y mic config. The Fender guitar I used. And...
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    New acoustic guitar album is another album I just finished. This one is all acoustic guitar playing in many different open tunings. The last song on album is a collaboration with a friend of mine who put stereo chorus fretless bass, dobro and percussion on one of the songs. All songs written, played...
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    Nice acoustic guitar album

    I used an old MXL 991 condenser mic. Believe it or not it just records way better than my more expensive mics. Can't explain why. The mic plugged into a Steinberg UR-22 recording interface. Software is Reaper. I used just a little reverb. And used some light EQ and a Russian mastering...
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    Nice acoustic guitar album

    Here is a nice collection of acoustic material I completed this past Summer (2017). Soft Acoustic Adventures | Robert A. Ruzzo
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    A little jazz / rock.......

    Here is another original tune where I played all the instruments..... Except a friend played the drums. I am playing a Fender Strat, Yamaha electric bass, and did production.
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    "Scary, unsettling Jazz!!" Ambient/atmospheric

    Devil's interval | Bob Ruzzo Here is a "song" from an album of dark and atmospheric music recorded in 2013. This particular tune utilizes some quartal harmony on keyboard with some tritones.
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    "Jazz for your head" wacky jazz

    Jazz for your head | Bob Ruzzo Here is an album of some strange off-beat stuff. Less "elevator" music on this one and more adventurous. Recorded in 2013, all-original except for 1 cover tune in there. (Herbie) I played all instruments except drums.
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    Another quirky, jazzy tune

    Here is another original where I play all instruments, except the drums. Fast walkin' | Bob Ruzzo
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    A jazzy tune in Phrygian mode

    Here is something from a new collection of mellow easy listening tunes. This is the most recent song I have done. I played a Nashville Tele for the lead, a Rhodes keyboard emulator, bass guitar and synth. The song is done in C Phrygian mode...
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    Light Jazz done quirky and modally

    Greetings Here is one of my "albums" released last Fall. I have a bunch of these but this one is a favorite. If you like quirky JAZZ then U may enjoy some of these tunes. I am NOT interested in making any money, I do this for fun. I like to see what people think of the music. The quality, the...
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    Honest opinions

    I am new to this board and have a question. I have listened to alot of the posted songs and have one complaint. Is there any way they can be posted where they are in stereo? It is very difficult to listen and critique a song when it is in MONO! You cant tell how it was mixed and it sounds flat...