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    So Far We're So Far Away

    This is a song I posted last summer. It's supposed to be a title song to a James Bond-type movie. I tried to write in that style, and the mix has (for me) some fairly heavy reverb. I don't like it much, I'm just trying to finish it. Anyway, this mix has a retracked rhythm guitar with less...
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    Old Cakewalk backups

    I use Reaper now, but years ago I used Sonar (v4 I think). I have old backups from back when you had to do them thru bundles. I'd like to restore a couple of them. But Sonar v4 won't install on any Windows version past XP. I can't get at the WAV files because they're in the bundle. Does...
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    So Far We're So Far Away

    A while back I wanted to write a "James Bond type" song. This is that. The kind of song that plays over the opening credits of a Bond movie. But like the classic 60's Sean Connery movies. Like Thunderball or something. So there is a lot of reverb on this (for me anyway). As the...
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    Boy Band

    I wouldn't mind your thoughts on this. IBB did the drums (well). I'm on the rest. BoyBand1.mp3 - Google Drive Lyrics for the curious: Boy Band You get a little nervous, but you sing along anyway It doesn't really matter what anyone else has to say You fiddle with the dials on your smart...
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    My Friend Ben

    Please let me know what you think about this mix. I wrote this song a long time ago - late 90's or early 00's. It's a silly song about Ben Franklin and 3 semi-fictitious conversations with other founding fathers. Then that Hamilton play came out and now it looks like I copied that. Grrrr...
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    Starving Vegan #3

    One more mix on this one. From mix #2: -- I put back the original bass part (the one IBB drummed over) -- I put more reverb on the main crunch guitar -- Made some minor EQ adjustments -- Recorded a different riff -- Adjusted a couple of the cowbell hits Let me know what you think. Thanks...
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    Starving Vegan #2

    A new mix of a song I put up a couple of weeks ago. I retracked the main crunch guitar because I didn't really like the old tone all that well. I retracked the bass because it was too busy in spots. I retracked the guitar riff because it was too busy too. The lead vocal is mixed differently...
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    The Starving Vegan Rescue Squad

    Please let me know what you think. My typical power/pop mix. IBB was kind enough to do the drums and did an excellent job. Mix #1:
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    My Freaky Lawyer Part #2

    This is a song I put up about a year ago. The vocals (lead and backing) are retracked and the crunch guitars are retracked. Everything is remixed. If you remember (or even if you don't remember) RAMI played the drums on this. Well. I think this is an improvement over the previous mix. Let...
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    Factory Joe

    Probably nobody will recognize this tune. I posted it years ago. I used to collab a lot with a guy who went by the name of Village Idiot here and TheCrappyBeatle on another site. He was a great guy. I've lost touch with him over the years. Anyway, we did this tune a long time ago. We...
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    Unwritten Chick Code

    Here is a new one from me. Atkron205 is on drums!! He did a real good job. Please let me know what you think. Mix #1: Mix #2: Mix #3...
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    Drummers and/or Fake drummers?

    Are any drummers out there up for a collab? I've bothered a couple of you before (you know who you are), and I hate to keep bothering the same people. If any drummer out there wants to collab, let me know. Including the one's I've bugged before. :) Alternatively, I may need to resort to...
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    Anyone upgraded to Reaper v5?

    I've been using/upgrading Reaper v4 for a while now. I think I'm up to v4.78. I know v5 is out, and I think it even has a patch out. But I'm usually cautious on major version changes. Has anyone installed Reaper v5.x?? Any problems?
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    My Freaky Lawyer

    A new tune from me. RAMI did the drums. Please let me know what you think. New Mix I retracked the vocal in the intro and I did some editing with the vocals in the choruses (copying good lines from one over bad lines in the...
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    My Little Box of Wires

    Here is a mix of an old song. New guitars and new bass parts. Remixed from scratch. And it's very old. Most of you probably haven't heard it and those that have probably don't remember it. Anyway, please let me know what you think. Mix #1...