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    Studio storage

    Look around the second hand office furniture stores. I have a 2-drawer horizontal file that works great .
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    Cheap Sennheiser MD-421 mic mount...

    Lots of people have complained about the weird clip mount for the MD-421. Don't know why it took me this long to think to try it, but the solution is a cheap $15 On-Stage Stands universal vocal condenser mount. The squeeze clip holds it just fine, even upside down and doesn't mar the mic.
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    How to record audio with video?

    Thats the way it's been done for a century (with film before video obviously...) Get yourself one of these for $10: or clap your hands together to give yourself an audio and visual 'marker' to line up on.
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    Somebody make a keyboard that..

    That's what that little wheel is for...
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    Better quality sounds from a laptop?

    Yup, all built-in internal soundcards on ALL laptops and desktops have chips worth less than one of these: They are NOT worthy for music production and always need to be replaced.
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    Seeking tips on hanging my "mini booth" acoustic blanket?

    You could use spring shower clips: Or you can use cheap (<$1) spring clamps. I got mine from Harbor Freight for .79cents. Here's my cheap $40 gobo/booth: SimpleSoundbooth
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    Can a pop Filter be used on a dynamic mic?

    That's why Spock and Uhura always used those bluetooth earpieces (long before they were invented...)
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    So... Is Reaper Free?

    Was that difficult?
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    Best mic for street rap under $79.95

    Spend $78 on beer and then:
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    For Newbies seeking free sequencer

    This just got posted on kvraudio: Barnes&Noble and Borders in the US carry the mag. ---------------------------------------------- The cover DVD with issue 103 of Computer Music magazine (Summer 2006) features the full MAGIX Samplitude V8 SE, in a UK-exclusive giveaway worth €49/$75. It...
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    Christmas music for 'ya...

    With only a few days left 'till the Holidays, just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for everything and here's a little Christmas music from our family's Christmas album to help you get in the mood:
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    Opinion on StudioProjects B1/B3??

    Anyone tried out the Studio Projects B1 or B3???? I know the C1 has been highly rated for the past couple of years but the B1 at $80 or especially the B3 at $150 seem too good to pass up. Any one with experience on these yet??