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This just got posted on kvraudio:

Barnes&Noble and Borders in the US carry the mag.

The cover DVD with issue 103 of Computer Music magazine (Summer 2006) features the full MAGIX Samplitude V8 SE, in a UK-exclusive giveaway worth €49/$75. It comes with an 8-page tutorial in the magazine to get you started, and features:

* 48 tracks, 2 submix buses, 4 aux buses.
* Consistent use of 32-bit floating point processing.
* ASIO, MME, and WDM support.
* Comprehensive real-time audio editor functions.
* Unique object-oriented editing options.
* Batch processing, flexible mixer with variable signal flow.
* ReWire, DirectX and VST plug-in support.
* Automatic latency compensation for Samplitude effects.
* VSTi support, including 8 separate outputs.
* MIDI recording and editing.
* Support for up to 8 I/Os (24-bit/96kHz).
* Mixer automation (volume, pan), 5x undo/redo.
* High-quality effects: Normalize, 4-band parametric EQ, Stereo Enhancer, Amp Simulation, Vocoder, Dehisser, Timestretching/Pitchshifting, Panorama, Dynamics (Compressor, Expander, Noise Gate, Limiter), Reverb, Delay, Resampling, Declipping, Distortion, Noise Reduction, Phase Invert.

Also on this month's CM DVD are 2,190 royalty-free samples, including the massive Mandy Edge Vocal Toolkit. Computer Music 103 is on sale now in the UK.


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I picked up a copy of computer music a couple months ago. And I have to say the freebie stuff they give you on the coverdisks is awesome. :)