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  • LOL - re "broom-handled schnauser" - did you get the reference? I.E. Broom-handled mauser? :D I didn't think it was that weird. :laughings:
    Your garage will be broken into and all of your chikin wing cooking equipment vanquished! That is...unless you bring a big bag of cash to Monley's Pub Bar ang Grill tonight by 10pm. It's on 78 just out side of Garland. Give the money to short muscular guy wearing the Joe Piscapo mask. No, it's not me.
    Your wings are at stake. You have been warned.
    I hadn't every listened to your soundcloud...really good! Your list of influences are some of my all time favorites.
    im about to buy a macbook pro and run an interface more or less maxed out with inputs about 10 for recording, anyway will 4gb suffice or should i go for 8gb after affects later and whatnot i just want to know if the mac of 4gb can handle the recording first of all and all the mastering and crap like that too

    please help !!! thanks
    Hey dude -

    We're only learning a couple songs this year, and so far it's all floyd.

    Shine on you crazy diamond
    Us and Them

    I know I already asked about SoYCD, would you mind sitting in on both? The b3 is critical. What say you?
    Sounds like you've alot goin' on, bruddah. Hope everything's workin' out!

    BTW - those wings were teh shit! :cool:
    Yo TB... I'm looking for a good salsa mix, recipie thing. and seeing as you used to ride a brontosaurus in your earlier days and probably made a batch or two here and there i figured your the man to ask.
    The wife and I are sending positive thoughts Teysha....very sorry to read about your problems recently and hope your sons recovery is full and speedy..
    Kinda up in the air. Just had surgery on my leg so it will depend on how healed it is by then. You still going?
    Kids... :spank:
    Mine is just about to turn 11 months old and he's already like a hurricane :D

    I am done with old cars. One of my cars has got about 35,000 miles on it, and I am already looking to sell it. The last one lasted me until 210,000 or so until it died so good it wasn't even worth fixing. Not even witchdoctory would help its poor soul :D
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