• If you need a sack of Orange Habaneros, just let me know.

    It's dead easy to send a pile of them to another state as opposed to the bullshit I went through to get a pile to Wilko in New Zealand.

    Freshly picked.

    Home grown.
    hey dude, i was wondering if you could give me some advice on keeping my self anonomous online, i keep getting my puter locked up and what not, while visiting certian sites, seeking banned infomation. you know the drill.
    i figure if anyone around these parts knows your the dude.
    And real estate. Not to mention all hi-tech manufacturing... I love how companies such as IBM (I know you LOVE them :D) and Apple are trying to look american by sticking "Designed in America" stickers on their products. It's fuckin awesome.
    Hey how ya been dude,scrotums a cool word,dont think it gets used nearly enuff:D
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