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  • Hi Sweetbeats, I'm new to the forum and came across the motherload thread where you scored pretty big on the Ampex goodies. Well, I was hoping that you still had some items from that lot available for sale. I am looking to purchase two channels of 440Cs electronics and the Ampex SE-10 Bulk eraser if these items are still available. You can contact me at dvanasek at gmail dot com


    Hello, you replied to my thread about my Tascam 464, so would like to ask a few more questions directly.

    How do I use the Cue track, yet monitor my input/s at the same time?

    Since I can use the Tape cue to hear the cue mix, is it would it be possible to use all four inputs (recording to an LorR buss) without overwriting whats on the other tracks?

    Are the preamps in the Tascams able to provide enough amplication for a Shure SM57 etc?

    Thank you.
    Hi there Sweetbeats. I've followed your 388 overhaul, and it seems like you're the person to ask about my little problem. It's in a new post-- "new 388 problem." If you even had just an idea of where I should start it would be much appreciated.

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