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  • How're you doing? I get so exhausted in the Cave--I think it was you who said it was like yelling into a hurricane. So I stopped yelling for a bit...

    How do you keep up the good fight like you do? I'm reading every thread & every post, and yours are always leading the way. Maybe that's why I feel I can say less--you're saying it quite well enough!
    You challenge me in ways that make me uncomfortable...that's a good thing...right? ;) - Rich
    I can't give you rep, so I want to tell you I love you even though you're a jerk. :D :D :D :D
    People should just save time and see things my way. :)

    I am not actually in irascible asshole IRL. Westfest is going to be a blast.
    Westfest should be a blast!

    I wish I could go, but it is a looong way from maine to az. I hope you guys don't talk politics or it could turn ugly!
    Hey bud, yes I am still using the DAVs, the only difference is now I am using them exclusively. (I was using some pendulum mic pres and one other pre, the electronaut)but now I am using these preamps on everything, all the time. I love what it has done for my recordings, a more cohesive sound, the DAVs sweeten things up, but have all the detail in the world, super quiet.. you know what it reminds me of,...Tape. Sweetening and Large soundstage, euphonic ;I will never use anything else.
    Ummm.....I visited....
    ....I'll leave a dime on the tank or something though, and I had matches....
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