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    NGD: Seagull S6 Folk Left Handed

    Don't have a pic handy, and anyway this is a rather plain looking guitar, but let me tell you why I am amped about this one: About 15 years ago, I found a S6 Folk at a garage sale in uptown New Orleans. Seller was firm at $75, and I "took a chance" on it. Turned out that was about half it's...
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    Ampeg J12T Worth $500?

    Just saw two on Craigslist, distant cites, for $500 and $400. Really? These are not the p2p wired ones, or vintage- they were 'boards and made in the mid 90's. I like mine, wasn't planning on selling, but if I can get $500... Any opinions?
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    Feeling Charitable Towards Folks Who Get "Creative" With Their Amp Solutions

    Feeling Charitable Towards Folks Who Get "Creative" With Their Amp Solutions Saw a post on CL just now, a guy is selling an "Amp with Speakers" amp with speakers Turns out to be a Rat-Shack 4-channel PA amp and two unknown speakers which someone has glued Bob Marley pix to the backs. At...
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    Westinghouse 6V6 Tubes A Waste In Super Champ XD?

    Recently scored a pair of Westinghouse USA_made 6V6 tubes I got in a grab-bag of tubes- the bunch cost me something stupid like fifty cents. Turns out the Westinghouses both tested out at 90 on the same tube tester, so I am taking them as a matched set. I have two amps (I own others, they...
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    NGD! Hagstrom D2F!

    Popped into Sam Ash before Christmas and found this lefty on the wall. Got it stupid cheap, even tho it was at a retailer. Greg at Atlanta Vintage Guitars (shameless plug) says the neck will never warp as it's got an I-beam or H-beam truss rod; I can set it action as low as I want. Some cool...
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    Does Anybody Have Enough Experience With Peavey Bandits To Comment on Reliability?

    I love Peavey Bandits for their reasonable tube-like sound and presumed SS reliability, and have recommended them fairly often- but really, I don't have long-term experience with them. I THINK they might be great for Studio101NOLA, as our work-horse rehearsal amp, if they are as reliable as I...
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    10,000 Watt Power Amp! Only 3 Rack Units, only 1,800 Watts Input! It's a MIRACLE!

    Audio Savings | GLI PRO 10,000 WATT POWER AMPLIFIER DJ STEREO RACK AMP :facepalm:
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    Accoustic Simulator (Boss AC-2) For Use With An ACCOUSTIC?

    I am not impressed with piezo pickups. More quack than an entire flock of ducks all playing Strats, INO. Oh, sure, you can tame a piezo (and probably a duck,) with the application of $500 worth of gear in the form of a purpose-built upper-end pre-amp/processor, but I don't have $500 to spend...
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    Guitar Shopping Experience With A Noob

    I went to GC with a friend who wanted advise on what guitar she might buy. Perhaps someone here might benefit from my experience. We spent a goodly amount of time there (enough to have to politely ward off employees no less than four times) and the one she liked the most was a $329 parlor...
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    Know Anything About Sonetic or Pyramid Power Amps? needs a live sound forum... Scored a 1-15 powered sub a while back, very cheap, b/c the power amp was blown. I'm looking for a 500-watt or better amp to drive it- plate mount like what was there would be nice, but almost impossible to find, used. So, rack mount it will...
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    Five Dollar Strat

    Picked up a Squire strat at a garage sale. Five bux. Nothing wrong with it, functionally- the kid has spray-painted the top- with pick guard, bridge, EVERYTING, still in place, with red oxide primer. Some Urethane bumper paint stripper and steel wool took it off; buffing with my high-speed...
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    Roland VS=880 Still Viable?

    Am looking at a set of drums, and a VS-880 comes with. Have no real use for it- I have a Zoom R-16 and my son is WAY beyond this. Seems they date back to 1997, and don't sell for much- under $150- these days. Are they still viable? Does anybody still use/like them, can I sell it easily if I...
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    What To Do with a Toasted BP200 Pedal?

    I got one at a garage sale- free. Worth what I paid for it- turns out one of the transistors is so toasted it left a brown smear on the inside of the case. My tech tells me it's not worth repairing, and Digitech wants something obscene like $60 to fix it. Yeah, right. Whatever. But I think...
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    Post Up About Your Favorite Personal Dumpster Dive Find

    The post about a SANO tube amp find inspired me- post here about what YOU scored, free, just for going through someone's trash. My favorite is a Harmony tenor guitar. In the dumpster of a thrift...
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    Reliability of Some SS Amps: 3 Fenders, 1 Line 6, 1 Carvin, 2 Peaveys, 2 GK's

    Thinning the herd at Studio101nola. We are WELL fixed for amps with great tone- recent stroke of luck took care of that- these are simply work-horses- all of them make decent enough tone and power, but reliability is something we can't be sure of- neither DJ nor I have enough experience with...