NGD! Hagstrom D2F!


Just another guy, really.
Popped into Sam Ash before Christmas and found this lefty on the wall. Got it stupid cheap, even tho it was at a retailer. Greg at Atlanta Vintage Guitars (shameless plug) says the neck will never warp as it's got an I-beam or H-beam truss rod; I can set it action as low as I want. Some cool features- coil tap for 'buckers, cool-looking tail piece that has a little bit o' whammy action, metalflake top that I am not 100% sold on, art-deco tuners. 'Course, I didn't really need it- the Epi Les Paul with Alenco 5 'buckers AND the Westone Thunder 1A with both coil tap and splitters both precede it, but it just wowed me.

Pics show up as "invalid files," so can't download them. Damn.