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  • Hey - good to see you around again sqibble! Take it easy on that guitar in yer pic man!
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to squibble94 again.

    Thanks for listening - and for the tips earlier.
    Hey Squibble!
    Don't usually do covers, Holy Diver was a real exception 'cos DIO's my God. Not that I have anything against covers, I just don't have the time 'cos I've got so much of my stuff to record. But sure, I love Eddy Vedder's voice so that might be an option....
    i just posted a reply in that thread. i thought you were gonna take a crack at it so i was just waitin. the song ain't finished though so you ain't holding me up. rock it, dude.
    I use a lot of tracks on backing vocals. Sometimes as much as 12 or 14 depending on the sound I need. Sometimes it's just one clean harmony track. It just varies. Other than that, I just bus them all to a group track and EQ and use reverb/delay as needed.
    I stop in from time to time when I have the chance. Thanks for watching the videos. I am working in Italy without a lot of time for regular videos, but I am doing some goofy studio diary stuff on youtube if you are interested. Check the youtube channel
    I'm a newbe please forgive me if I stubble a bit..
    I'm about to get a REDDI direct box which has no headphone out. Because I often use in-ears live or recording I often use Y splitter for phones so I can have "mo me" without driving engineers crazy. Q: If I use XLR splitter from output of D.I. will it affect signal to console?
    Haha, no, not quitting. I took the old mixes down because I'm remixing them for an album. It'll be ready soon.
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