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  • How you doing, Rusty?

    It'd sure be nice if you could let me buy you that beer in AZ this October. Consider it, won't you?
    I don't think you need much in the way of lessons, Rusty. Your voice is pretty cool as it sits.
    Thanks again. I have to work at it pretty hard because it doesn't come easy for me. I got started in music later in life than most so I missed the training in my younger years. I've actually been thinking of voice lessons since I've never had any. Maybe I could learn some techiques that would help me.
    Hey guys...I want to be one of the fellas but I'm a wino...what kind of wine goes with pizza?.....answer, any kind. Actually a good Guiness Extra Stout ain't too bad.
    I'm always up for pizza and beer. I recently discovered Humperdink's own brew, Buttface. Holy crap is that good beer!

    I got your files Rusty. I'll start working on em today. Sounds like a blast!
    Fantastic...I have a melody for the arrangement but I haven't come up with lyrics yet so I was thinking that I'd send two copies...one with me humming or whistling or something and the other without that distraction. Am I able to attach it on one of these messages or do I have to do your email address? Give me a couple of days to get things together. After my last message to you I was inspired to write some lyrics to the other tune I mentioned. It's virtually finished but I can't get the damned vocals to sound good recorded. My voice lacks nuance...I get lot's of compliments on stage but I haven't found the right combination in the studio yet. I would love to have keys on anything you feel inspired to add to so I thought I might send that one along also although it can wait till later. As a return favor if you would like bass added to anything I could make a stab at it. I'm not a jazz player but I'm sure I could find something do or copy the keyboard bass line if you'd rather, on songs like I heard on your myspace.
    BTW...I still haven't gotten back up to my studio for any meaningful time! Bleh.:mad:

    However, the concept of a macab waltz get's my pants all jumpy. I am way game, and I'll make time. Send away, amigo!
    Stubbs...that's what I first thought but the John thing threw me. Yes I've jammed at his original place here, back in the day. It was a roach hotel...the city closed him down if I remember more than once but people raved about his barbeque and he's a legend...go figure. One time he and others threw a big benefit for I forget what and he skipped town with all the money. He was from Lubbock and that helps explain his reputation...there was a cadre of Lubbock bohemian artist types that had their fingers in most all the scene in those days. Even the south Oak Cliff boys couldn't rival their grip on old Austin. Do you know Lou Ann Barton? I moved in some of the blues circles but she was a dynamite little blues vocalist from Cow Town... now a mere whisper of her young (sober) self.

    I use Pro Tools Mbox mini and a cheap condenser mic plus the usual 58's. I have a nice Grace 101 preamp too. I fleshed out those songs with PC Drummer then paid some friends to play real traps in the studio after the fact with a click track. It worked ok though. Key's on a couple, Shailat on Girl I've Got It Bad and a kid here in town did some piano on The Hardest Game We Play.

    I've got music to a macab waltz and another 4/4 that's almost finished. If you are game and have the time I could send a mp3 for you to mess around with. Lyrics...well maybe something you do will give me the inspiration. Maybe I'm jumping the gun...no pressure.
    Heh. I've written exactly one set of lyrics in my entire life that didn't sound like complete and utter shit. I leave that to you guys that understand that world. I definately feel yer pain with the teenager still at home.
    The Stubblefield I was refering to was CB Stubblefield.....a bit of a local legend in Austin. You've undoubtably heard of his joint, Stubb's BBQ. I met him in Lubbock in the 80s where he opened another restaurant. I met his granddaughter there, got to be good friends with her, and 15 years later, she worked for me in Dallas.
    I think I called him "John" in that thread. Doh! John Stubblefield was a sax player from back east. Sorry for the confusion. Been a long week.
    What are you tracking with at home?
    Count me in...I'm currently suffering a writers block of sorts. Musical ideas come pretty easy but finding a good lyric is another story. I'm trying to work my way out of it with some success but time seems to slip away from me with a teenager still at home and of course a working band to deal with...although that's slow right now. What was the Stubblefield grand daughter reference about? I'm an idiot when it comes to music history. Again cut me some slack when you listen...I set out to do just as much as I could on my own and I'm the first to say that I prefer to have other players to bounce ideas. I just wanted to learn how to track on my own just to see if I could do it...that's how I wound up at HR.
    I accepted the friend request and hit your page, but didn't have enough time to listen to anything. I've got a nice weekend planned in my studio tho, so I'll have some quality listening time. Right now I'm spending my studio time teaching myself Finale and it's eating my sack lunch.
    We've actually got a cut on that CD with Greg playing an actual bass...but at the time, I just couldn't find any players that could lock to the grooves. In that genre, it's groove uber alles. Rock on keyboard bass!
    That's cool you got a collab goin with Emeric and Shai. Collabs rock. I need to be more active in that area. I just finished one with NL5..got to lay some B3 on one of his band's tunes. He's got a kick ass album ready..kinda southern rock with a slightly less gritty feel. It's pretty good.
    We ought to hook up with Zaphod....the dude's a pretty decent guit player and writes some really interesting stuff. You'd dig it.
    I thought that was the deal...do you pay attention to the myspace or is it his deal? I've got a friend request up. If you visit my page there is a internet collaboration there with Emeric and Shailat. Girl I've Got It Bad...not as bluesy as I'd like but I was very proud of the collaboration. You should be of yours for sure. I'd like to know more about how you recorded it and mixing etc. if you get the time. Oh and if you give my tunes a listen cut me some slack...I tried to do most of the tracking at home myself and I'm a bass player who gets around a little on the guitar and hunts and pecks on a keyboard. I did have some help on a couple of them though...mainly drums and keys. I really like your stuff even though it has keyboard bass...asshole.
    Man, I'm so retarded. I answered your question on my own visitor page. Doh!
    Thanks man. Colabrei is a little project with a guitarist in Maryland. We did that CD entirely via the internet. We finally met, in Phoenix of all places, a couple of months after it was released.
    I used to get down to Austin fairly often but I just don't get down there that much anymore. When I do tho, I'll let you know and beer snarfage will ensue ,amigo.
    I don't see many bands--if he's half your age, odds are, he's half my age as well! :D

    Is he here in school, or just live in the St. Louis area? And is he familiar at all with the forum--e.g. will it make sense when I see him if tell him where I talk to his dad? Or will it just confuse him?
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