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    Analog Is Dead

    This forum would actually like this article Raz Klinghoffer
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    How to avoid a bad music producer, and how to choose the right one

    Hi guys Just wanted to share some of my wisdom This is my personal experience only Raz Klinghoffer Hope it helps!
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    Mix + Master for $150 in June

    Hey guys I'll be doing mix + master for $150 promotion till the end of June If anyone is interested contact me through my website Thanks Raz Klinghoffer
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    Which genre is that?

    Produced mix and mastered this new track lately, which genre would you say I should categorize it under? (except Pop of course)
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    One of my latest R&B's with Jess Furman

    Hey Did this jazzy R&B tune with Jess Furman, wanted to share it with you guys Let me know what you think
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    What's your "to go" eq?

    Which eq do you use on almost every channel that needs one? I personally use tge UAD Pultecs
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    The new Michael O. Pop\R&B track

    Hey Been keeping busy lately, here's another track I've finished, check it out, comments are always welcome (bad or good)
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    Tove Lo "Talking Body remix"

    Check out the remix I did the song, I really liked the original so I thought to give it a go What do you think?
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    I'm really proud with this one

    It is not so often I really enjoy something I did since I do so many things, but hnestly I had to share this one with you guys cause I really liked producing and mixing it You might not all like it I get it :) I just wanted to send it out to the world...
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    Showcasing my latest album

    Hi Just showcasing the latest album I produced recorded and mixed Feedback is always welcome