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  • Ah yes,

    But how long would that thread last without being "moderated".

    So if you're half an hour from Michael are you in Massachusetts? I lived for 8 years in Haverhill, MA.
    I love New England and often wish I still lived there.
    All true Tom, it's all such a pity.

    I live about a half an hour from Michael and I'm to drop off 3 or 4 mics to be modded.

    Lets hope Michael continues to post here at HR but I'm not to sure about that. A lot of people started to gang
    up on Michael as if they were in the cave with some serious name calling. I was really feeling for Michael and was involved in conversation with him when the thread got cut of certain content and locked.

    Noobs come to HR in groves every day and shouldn't have to witness such going ons and with the vast knowledge given out freely from Michael and others in his caliber that truely makes HR what it is, saying what you do to a mic that happens to be your source of income should be tolerated.
    Why don't you start a "we appreciate Michael Joly" thread! I Know that I would post in it a few hundred times. and if you do feel free to use this message in it!!!
    Be safe
    Just wanted to say howdy. and noticed that the oktamodshop thread is back up at the bottom of page 1 but only in partial and closed. I thought that there was to be some great going ons but it's stuck in limbo.
    Brownsburg, it's a suburb of Indianapolis. The ORP, where the drag nationals are held everyyear, is about a mile away from me, if you're a race fan. It's pretty crazy when they hold the nationals and you hear drag cars 24/7.
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