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  • Yep, starting to see perhaps why we're getting so much like China lately. . . Are they ordering it? Possibly. They already own many of our ports.
    Pretty good, actually. :) The country is going to hell pretty quickly, but personally things are going quite well.
    Busy as hell! I'm trying to withstand carmageddon at my house. Seems like my driveway is where cars come to die. I'm bout done with cars...but my stupid kids insist! LOL
    Man, that Aquablauw comment is priceless! HAHAHA! I'm so jealous. You should put that as a quote in your press pack. :D
    You must have a damn low self-esteem, with that negative music you create and play. If so, leave your damn comments to yourself, instead of commenting on my apologies. Drown yourself in that black, dark and negative surroundings you are in. And leave others like me alone!
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