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    Memphis Honky Tonk

    Sounds great here. Nice balance. If I dig deep for something to improve, I'd maybe add some weight to the snare, and there's something not quite right with the tambourine - jumps out of the mix a bit. Very minor. Great job overall.
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    Boot hill

    Yeah, there are some weird panning issues. One side is considerably louder than the other, and guitar is only on one side.
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    Looking for mix feedback (pop/rock)

    Been awhile since I posted a mix on here, but I have been working on a new room the last year, and finally had a chance to mix a song. Mostly looking for mix feedback, as I'm not sure how well this translates. My daughter did this for a contest, and unfortunately inherited my world-class...
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    Looking for feedback on hard rock/metal mix

    I've got an old demo track that I am mixing and would like some feedback. I am in a new room, and not sure how well my mixes will translate now. I know the distorted guitars sound like crap, but I don't know what else to do with them. I am used to good sounding tube amp tracks, and these are...
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    Straight up rock

    Anybody wanna give a quick critique? This was a side project that lasted just one afternoon. The two singers each brought three songs to the jam, and the four of us learned them, and just jammed them "live". One or two takes for all the parts. The song ends the way it does because the...
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    Acoustic Ballad

    Here is an acoustic ballad I recorded recently. Looking for critiques on the mix and the vocal pitch mainly, but all comments are welcomed. Listened to it too much and think I've lost perspective. [url]] Thanks! :D
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    Looking for feedback

    OK, this is a very rough mix of a project I'm working on. Still has scratch bass and vox, but would love to hear some opinions on the song, mix, sounds, etc. Thanks in advance. :D
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    A little Americana

    Just curious as to what you all think about some of these songs. From performance, arrangement, recording, mix, or whatever. A Tribute To Robert | Battle Ground, WA | Americana | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation Thanks!
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    Anybody got 32 minutes to spare?

    So, as many of you have seen in the video clinic, we recorded our last gig. We have a couple pretty good videos, and now we are working on releasing a "bootleg" live EP from the show. The actual CD will have track markers, but for right now, it's one mp3 file. If anybody is brave enough to...
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    Another video

    This is a second video from my bands last gig. It's live footage, not a "video", so it's not perfect. Check it out and let me know what you think. YouTube - ‪Chris Margolin & the Dregs - Bridges, Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR‬‏ The other video is in a thread in the video forum as well...
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    Live video from my last gig

    Check it out. Was a spontaneous sorta thing, so it's just us playing at our last gig. Any feedback is appreciated. YouTube - ‪Chris Margolin & the Dregs - Madeline's Mind, ten cameras, Portland, OR‬‏ :D
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    Live Track

    A buddy of mine recorded our set at our last gig, and I mixed down a couple tracks. We also have one video so far. Check 'em out and let me know what you think. Any and all critiques welcomed!
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    Keeley Comp - 4 knob

    Perfect shape. $200 shipped anywhere in the lower 48
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    Anyone wanna compare some mixes?

    OK, I just want to see if I'm the insane one or not. I've got two songs - both with two versions. Please feel free to compare and contrast the two mixes for each song. They are completely separate recordings, so performance, arrangement, and mixing are all welcome targets. Also, if you like...
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    Update to the Demo song thread

    I have uploaded a newer version of a demo song I recorded a few months ago. We were planning on re-recording it, but we may try and salvage it now. I made a few small tweaks to the mix, and tried to tune the vocals somewhat. If you remember the original, please listen to version 2 and tell me...