Looking for mix feedback (pop/rock)


Been awhile since I posted a mix on here, but I have been working on a new room the last year, and finally had a chance to mix a song. Mostly looking for mix feedback, as I'm not sure how well this translates. My daughter did this for a contest, and unfortunately inherited my world-class ability to procrastinate, so there's some timing issues with it - please ignore those - we may go back and fix them, but too late for the contest. Thanks in advance for listening.

Bulls Hit

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The vocal is very nice, reminds me of Chrissie Hynd. It does get a little buried when she drops into the lower register. How did your daughter get on in the contest?


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I think the mix sounds pretty good. I think it needs more bass guitar. The kick sounds good but it needs a little more bass guitar bottom. Maybe a eq boost in the 100 hz range ( or there abouts)
Great song and recording!