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  • Hello,

    You wrote something you need a soundcard, have you got that soundcard you wanted for recording acoustic guitar and voice? If you are still looking for it, I have two recomandations for you: m-audio Fast Track Pro, and Focusrite Saffire USB 6 - I have this oane, and it is brilliant! It record very well acoustic guitar, has even balanced IN, and even instrument in, an two autputs, plus headphones out, and I am using it for recording as well as for DJ-ing, has metall cover, it is really well designed, has phantom power for condenser microphones... and USB conector, without any cabel for power supply. Hope you choose the best sound card for you! Cheers!
    Same here...I hope to buy some kind a new PC...still in HK...recording is very tough...I moved out of a hotel type place, into a real small echo chamber...I'll be here for another year and a bit...then I'm going home to Australia.

    Don't rob any banks or anything to get those funds ;)
    Not a whole lot..just waiting to get my funds up for a new PC so I can record again!

    How's it going in Hong Kong? That's where you are ? Been able to record there?
    Hiya Kev! The hog is going great! I love it!

    Glad you are still recording!

    All the best to ya!!! ...>True
    Yeah I think so... Although I just found my software was you can change the type of meter so it's getting more and more confusing. I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing. I hope i'm using this message fucction right too. This is the only forum I've ever used but man is it helpful.
    Not too bad...I'm up in the New Territories right near Shenzhen...Tin Shui Wai...yeah I wanted to go to the game...but never got around to getting tickets. Music is going ok I suppose...hard to get much done when you're basically in a hotel room. Having said that I just blew $500 odd Austrailan on a preamp after doing about half an hour's research...crazy shit. You going to the game? Where are you at?
    Hey Monkey

    I rememeber saying we should catch up when you got to HK, but like all things it slipped. Are you still enjoying the teaching? Where are you living? How is your music going? I started a new job and have been flat out for the last 2 months and have just caught my breath this 1/2 term week - but are back to it again.

    Should really try to grab a beverage. Are you going to the Aus/NZ game this week?
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