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    Dodging Concrete

    Thanks everyone. So, it's basically ok...vocals could be doubled (I think they are doubled for real) and add maybe a bit more high end on the vocals. Drop the kick and bring up the bass a bit. I can do those things pretty much no worries I think. Thanks for all the advice. (By...
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    Dodging Concrete

    Hey, please let me know how this mix sounds if you listen. Thanks for listening
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    Always There

    I'm caught in a trap...and I can't walk out... :) Nice one. Intro and that repeated section remind me of the great old song Suspicious Minds by the King. As usual, fine guitar work here.
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    General tips on how you improved the most at producing, overall?

    If you mean mixing...I dunno, I've been tinkering with recording and mixing my own stuff for over a decade. It's only in the last year that I truly appreciated the very large deficiencies in my entire process. I haven't made any breakthroughs or seen the light or anything, or produced nice mixes...
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    Gloria - Thoughts on this mix

    The sound is pretty charming. It sounds kind of lofi. The playing sounds like piano is not the dude's main instrument. But that's ok...simple, honest stuff has a charm of its own. It's atmospheric. I'd say if it just flowed a little better it'd be, well, better. But good effort. The school yard...
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    Würmhole - Trying out some new delays on latest POD Go firmware update

    Big sound man. Sounds like a fun bit of gear to play with.
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    The Next Waltz

    Very good. Nice recording again. Well done fellas.
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    Another song with lyrics

    Man, I don't know what you're doing or not doing but you're doing good. You take away a little low mid from that vocal and seat it in with the track and you're there. The instruments and mix of them is real nice I reckon.
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    Another song with lyrics

    All the instruments sound great. The vocal seems muddy compared to them or not in the same ballpark. I guess that's a scratch vocal or whatever you call it. Anyway, I'm very impressed with the backing. No probs with the vocal itself...just sounds not gelled with backing. I'd love to be able to...
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    Well done fellas. I like it. All the parts are clear and well done. Well recorded and mixed nicely.
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    Question about Mineral Wool

    I just got a quote for 12 panels (2400x1200x50mm) here in Australia...polyester AcoustiAbsorb 3. $750 odd dollars...shipping (from within Australia mind you)...around $1000. LOL.
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    Question about Mineral Wool

    Sorry to bug you...can you give an rough idea of how much it would cost to buy 12 panels 50mm thick about 120cmx60cm roughly? Of the Acousti Absorb 3
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    Question about Mineral Wool

    Right. I think I should go back and read the discussion properly. I'm not fully on track here.
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    Question about Mineral Wool

    So you tried with the eco wool, it didn't work then you went to the rock wool?