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    Looking for new original songs for radio show

    Hey, I'm looking for ten songs a week, for a London Radio Show [an established show, on a known Radio Station] – for a run of shows through August The show will be a review show The songs will need to be radio friendly [no naughty words] Full details in the pinned post here Log into...
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    How does the voice sound and am I off putting

    Hi, Be as mean [honest] as you like - I mean that truly It's a live performance - and I am reading the words, and the NOTES - is that off putting, that I am looking to the [off camera] stand with my words/notes? And any feedback on the voice, especially things to improve, would be awesome...
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    Studio One 5 anyone got feedback on it

    Just wondering If you don't do live gigs... and you have upgraded to Studio One 5 Pro - how has it been running? Is it buggy and crashing? And is it worth the upgrade? I guess it is as if like 4 - they will bring out some big extras in future upgrades [I think 4.5 had some big upgrades] I'm...
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    Any suggestion of how to lay 'effects' and master [not podcast] but YouTube video Recording is Rode NTG 5 At the moment I put Vocal Rider on it, and limited to -1 db I haven't bothered with Ozone 9 mastering I have tried Nectar3 but doesn't seem a good fit - as they have narration and...