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Any suggestion of how to lay 'effects' and master [not podcast] but YouTube video

Recording is Rode NTG 5

At the moment I put Vocal Rider on it, and limited to -1 db

I haven't bothered with Ozone 9 mastering

I have tried Nectar3 but doesn't seem a good fit - as they have narration and podcast type presets... but I'm not sure with the results

I have most waves stuff, and Studio One 4 Pro.

Any suggestions of good things to use - then I can try and read up on that plug in and have a go with it


Hello MJMO,

It really depends on what you are recording. It sucks to say, but there is no one size fits all method.

One of us could maybe make a suggestion if you posted a sample of your voice through the mic you use. In the end, it is personal preference as to what sounds good to you.

Levels are easy to achieve. Effects are based on what is needed or desired.


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Thanks for that

Yeah - I was just hoping there was x waves plug in is great type answer

But you are correct

I will finish off my latest video [not the most interesting video for content but my most recent attmept to do the sound] and see what it's like and maybe [if allowed to post a link the video here] will ask once it's up...

I've been using a Rode K2 before - this is the first NTK 5 [shotgun mic]

I'm pretty sure I need to do stuff to 'roll off' [?] bottom and top ends as I think there's room noise... I was just hoping there was a simple VST that sort of does that for you...

Until this, I thought ignorance was bliss - hmm