Looking for new original songs for radio show


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I'm looking for ten songs a week, for a London Radio Show [an established show, on a known Radio Station] – for a run of shows through August

The show will be a review show

The songs will need to be radio friendly [no naughty words]

Full details in the pinned post here

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The show itself goes out, with a repeat on the same week

The Station says the show has ½ million listeners, which seems inflated to me, but that includes the show, the repeat, online, and catch up listeners

The show itself has been selected by the station as the Highlight of the day for over 50% of its shows

For, clarity’ sake – I will not ask you to pay any money – as I know there are loads of dodgy promoters out there. You will have to follow the instructions in the pinned post. And if selected, send me the track and some info about you / the band.

You can also post your songs in the FB Group too.