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  • Just noticed the message you sent.. I'll certainly do that when I get home from work this evening.. good luck!

    Indie Artist Of The Year - Lyric C
    Indie Group of The Year - The Astronauts / Flav'a & Blu
    Indie R&B Artist OF The Year - Blu
    Indie Producer Of The Year - The Weather Man
    Slept On Artist Of The Year - K-Lord
    Song Of The Year - Rollin' Around
    Record Promoter Of The Year - Mindset Music Group's Alex Nguyen
    Street Team Of The Year - Mindset Music Group
    Indie Record Label Of The Year - Mindset Music Group
    Industry Executive Of The Year - Alex Nguyen
    Industry Power Player (Male) - Alex Nguyen
    Industry Power Player (Female) - Theresa Allen
    Internet hustler Of The Year - Alex Nguyen
    naw man, i'm totally independent. i work with a few people but really no production company or management. i been doing live stuff for the last 10 years, mainly rock, punk, metal, blues, funk, bluegrass bands. a little bit of hiphop, mainly just a couple 1mc-1dj kinda deals and only a couple of times. i've been making "electronic" music for about the last 7, on and off. got into making beats about 2 years ago when i worked with a dude that had a friend that could rap well but had no original beats and was working on a budget. dude got me motivated and started, now i just make the songs to stay up with song writing and up to date on sequencing programs and vst's. i, recently, found Toontrack's EZDrummer. ooohhhh man! it's helped get me back into playing guitar, bass, and trumpet. i'm still in a lot of the writing and re-re-recording... don't know if i'll ever put together another full-time live band. i most recently played bass with Fatty Poindexter for 4 years.
    which site of mine did you visit? currently i don't have a live project. i've been doing more songwriting and studio work, just trying to get ideas down and see what all i can throw together with my limited time and very limited budget. i'm about to start work with a local rapper, known as SoSouf or The Remedy from CTK. i do have a friend that recently did a humorous song about chips... errr, yeah. anyway, check out http://www.myspace.com/backburnersuicide for that.
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