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    New Members: Introduce Yourself Here!

    new! I'm new to here! LOL No I'm one of the ppl over a decade ago lol. When this entire homerecording was pretty fresh still. but I'm still new to like 100% of yall probably. But yup, we're still doing our thing. I'm now contract into DefJam fresh out of IHeartMedia
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    New Music Video!

    Color: BW: Jodee Bishop quick music video. BTW Whats good old cats from back in the day! Instagram: @mindsetmusicgroup FB: mindsetmusicgroup jodeebishopmusic
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    Southern entertainment awards voting timeeeeeeee

    Whats up guys.. Long time eh? =p Plz come support and vote easily by visiting Southern Entertainment Awards Mindset Music Group Voting Nominations and submitting a vote. All entries have been filled out for your convenience :) Vote daily :p All votes casted and confirmed will be entered into...
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    Whats upppppppp

    Who still runs about here ?! I've of course have been moving on up. I'm pretty much there now :) check who we got on verse 2.. Our artist jodee bishop formally lyric c.. Fb is Facebook/supasyfy or mindsetmusicgroup or jodeebishopmusic Just laced...
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    It has been SO SO LONG

    So I searched myself, and totally forgot about this website its been so long. Does anyone I know even visit this site any more? I see Fieva still here :) I'm still chucking along progressing every day. I am now UMG project manager, and still work on my own record label. Which in itself, is...
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    2012 southern entertainment awards

    VISIT VOTESEA.HOST.ORG AND VOTE EASILY. I've redone their site for easy MMG voting :cool: Hope to take home 7 awards next year :p
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    Just stopping by to say sup to the old guys

    Whats up to those who still come around. Its been a long long time since i've been on here :p Hope yall doing good. Its been going pretty well over here :) its nice to have some time to relax now. Hope to hear from some of you. Tone you still around?
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    Anyone have a AMBus Firewire card for the AD-8000 from Apogee? Also looking for a couple other pieces to fill couple of our studios up: MOTU 828mk3's or II's Rosetta 800 Adam A7x LA2A 1176 tube-tech 1a eq
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    2 New Tracks

    "Summer of 95" MMG's Astronauts - Lyric C "If You Need It" MMG's Astronauts - Lyric C feat. Epik 2 new dope tracks for Lyric's new upcoming album. Of course, this is an intentional leak so download the shit out of it
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    Whats the deal!?

    Another year another award :cool: Would you guys go to and nominate once again for 2011? Mix-tape dj of the year - DJ RPM Indy Artist Of The Year - The Weather Man Best Indy Rap Artist Of The Year - The Weather Man Indy group of the year - The Astronauts Indy...
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    Music Video

    In the process of filming a music video with this new cat. Video is a clip of one of our artists Lyric C. Directed by G-Money It's alright, needs some sync work on it, and mixing. Really was trying to see what kind of work this dude puts out.
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    What do you hate & why

    I see that there's not many fans of record labels. IE Major or indie. Care to tell me why? What turns minds to think this way? Popular belief? Did you get fucked over by a record label? Do you not like itunes because they don't want to stock your music? Do you hate Best Buy because you cannot...
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    Quick leak Me Myself & I The Weather Man Featuring Boogie - its off the upcoming DJRPM Presents The Weather Man SwAGG town hits. This isn't the version on the radio here in the metro but the dirty version. Its commercialized of course.
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    Anyone want to finish this beat out?

    I just made this a couple hours ago but already tired of listening to it. Reason 4 standard kits no intro, no outro, not totally broken down yet - only has 2 verses, bare.
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    I've been in contact with Nipsey Hussle, debating on including him in The Weather Mans' upcoming mixtape. Cost: $5k. Is it worth it? He is a rising artist.