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  • Again with the birthdays! This is gettin' ta be a regular thing with you, isn't it?

    Happy birthday! If I had my Vega back together, I'd send it to you. ( Like hell, I would!)
    That was 2 years ago. I'm looking forward to geezer status. Not this year, but soon...
    Thanks notCardio. By the way, the tenor version of our Vega guitar is on e-bay right now.
    Happy Birthday, man! Hope you get something cool. I'm going to look into getting my Vega refinished (well, in this case, finished would be a better term). I'll tell my wife that if something ever happens to me, to give the Vega to you. ;)
    You are welkom Milnoque! But I don't really think it's my club!

    Glad you had a great birthday celebration with a gig and especially playing it with your wife! Did you by chance record any of the gig?
    Hey Milnoque, about my friend's Les Pauls-I did play that original Goldtop several times but I was always wary of doing any damage-I handled it like it was made of glass.
    His Deluxe on the other hand, made me feel very comfortable and the mini-humbuckers were great on styles that PAFs were a little too chunky sounding on.
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