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    Dodging Concrete

    Sounding great. Mix is balanced and no real nits for me. The guitars and arrangement on this song reminds me of Spoon....which is a good thing.
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    Border Song - Feedback wanted please

    Constructive as ever.
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    Anything (pop)

    Ever so good parts of that...I thought the change up from (what I think ) is the main verse to chorus sounds awesome. My only gripe would be that after that first verse and chorus it feels like several different parts thrown together...still interesting but lacking some cohesion. That said...
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    I sort of lost perspective on this mix....what would YOU do with it?

    The drums are too prominent for me when they come in but aside from that nothing stands out as needing too much work. She's got a great voice.
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    Border Song - Feedback wanted please

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by stylized in the context of a song but thanks for the listen.. I'll have a look at those drums👍
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    What have I done?

    I checked all connections and they were fine. The connections wouldn't interfere with speed of the playback so I'm at a loss at the moment. I ended up shutting it all down and didn't have time to reboot so if if the problem is unclear to everyone, hopefully it will be fine next time I load reaper.
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    What have I done?

    Scarlett 2 X 2. The recording is done, just a playback issue
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    What have I done?

    This has never happened before...a completed song I'm mixing is suddenly playing at something like a quarter speed, volume showing in all faders but no actual volume in my headphones. Any ideas? Mark
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    Border Song - Feedback wanted please

    Thanks for the listen Rich. Interesting point about the chord progression. I initially thought you were referencing the section that comes in at 1:30 as that has been completely dropped in and didn't form part of the original arrangement. I don't think it sounds quite right but wanted to hear if...
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    Border Song - Feedback wanted please

    Hi First new one in several great to get some feedback on this initial mix. Cheers, Mark
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    Snozzled In a Field of Teazel (Waiting for The Skirl)

    Sounds urgent and energetic...nice guitar work...good job
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    The Weight

    I think it sounds well played and well recorded. Sounds like a live recording rather than a studio recording. Depends what you're aiming for I guess and what you think is already wrong with it.
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    Who Falls the harmonies... Vocals are cool and lyrics interesting. Doesn't sound like a struggle
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    You know what, that was just what I wanted. Wish I knew my way around EQ like that! Thanks
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    I usually use the JS EQ but have tried the ReaEQ. Thanks, I'll give that a go.