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    More Noise

    Love the slightly shimmery acoustic guitars on this
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    Feeling Low (et. al.)

    I enjoyed that...elements of it evoke a smokey Tom Waits vibe...everything sits together nicely and your singer did a good job. The solo at 1.52 was a little too much high end in my left ear but they may just be the poor quality earbuds I had in..Nice work, hope your drummers on the up. 👍
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    El Loco - (Rock, Flamenco, Metal..)

    That's a pretty clever tune and blends the various elements well...the drums and snare in particular are pretty harsh and may benefit from being set back in the mix some or eq softening
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    Real Goodbye

    I can't offer you any technical advice to make a difference but thats a cool sounding song well put together 👍
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    MT drummer editing question

    Thats perfect on both counts...thanks for the help 👍
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    MT drummer editing question

    But I'm guessing that wouldn't work if I'd already dragged the parts from MT drummer into the song? ...or would it 🤔 Ok, that sounds workable...There are about twenty sections I've dragged in so wouldn't be too time consuming. Thanks fellas
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    MT drummer editing question

    Hi I have laid down a full drum track and know how to go into each section to edit individual beats etc. Is there a way to make a single edit on say a snare that will be applied to the whole song. Eg...I want to reduce velocity of the snare by 50% but going into each snare hit one by one will...
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    Reverb buss

    Thanks for taking a look Gecko 👍...I'll try those out. I did wonder if I'd got the set up of the buss wrong but if its a case of being a bit bolder with the sliders then I'll get on it. Mark
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    Reverb buss

    So the dry signal was turned right down...something else definitely amiss as there is absolutely no change in the sound when I mute the buss or add a more obvious hall reverb? Here's the VST set up...
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    Techno type track with Cinematic vibes

    Its well produced and nicely mixed. Sounds like a good bed upon which to build something if you are looking for more of a 'song'...but if you just want it to remain as a cinematic piece it sounds pretty fine as is. The hooky weird voice part that is repeated lends itself more to a song than a...
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    Reverb buss

    Thanks for looking folks. The reverb vst is called dragonfly and has numerous presets you can adjust and I've definitely selected one. Vhs, I've turned them right up with no difference. Gecko, I'm at work right now but will definitely check I've not left the dry signal turned up. Thanks, Mark
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    Reverb buss

    Hi I have a basic song template set up where I use a buss with some reverb vst to receive from most tracks so that the song has a nice overall balance of reverb. Since learning how to set up a buss I've not touched the template but noticed tonight that muting the buss track or changing the...
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    New Honey Hunters - "Never Mind"

    This is an excellent song...listened a couple of times...the second version is clearer...loses a touch of the 'smokey' atmospheric touch of the first... I didn't so much mind the vocals being a little harder to decipher on the first. Nice work Mark
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    Just a jam - Moscow McNuggets... (ты хочешь картофель фри с этим?)

    Really liked tripping over each other and racing around...kinda strokesey
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    Unleash Yourself

    Exactly what K dub said. Can only assume the vox being so low and dry on the first verse is intentional because they sound good once you're past that...but they're not so different that it achieves any sort of impact when they hit the right level...I'd tend to match it up with whatever levels...